Why advanced drones are better than stacking three drones at Warzone

Drones have appeared in Call of Duty: A War Zone for a long time. The Standard Edition of Line highlights enemy players on the minimap if they don’t have a Stealth feature is equipped. Sure, drones can give you the upper hand, especially early in the game when many players don’t have Ghost. There was also a way to create a more powerful version of the drone by calling three at the same time. Doing so reveals every enemy on the map. However, it is prominent Call of duty YouTube JGOD Explain the difference between this strategy and the use of an advanced line of drones.

According to JGOD, calling a regular drone will give you about 40 seconds of Intel. Therefore, calling more than one will pile more this time. This means that you will have enemy positions available to you on your minimap for a good amount of time. JGOD explains that stacking three drones also shows everyone on the map, even if they have Ghost. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this shared strategy. Once you get close to the enemy, its icon will disappear on the mini map if you are in a radius of 250 meters. Although stacking drones will allow you to see where everyone is, the strategy will not help you in close fights.

The benefits of advanced UAVs War zone

Advanced UAVs are now available at purchase terminals Call of Duty: A War Zone. Although these lines only last 40 seconds, the lines will reveal everyone on the map, regardless of their distance from you. Additionally, players with Ghost will appear as circles on the map instead of as triangles. At the same time, the advanced drone will indicate if enemy players have a higher ground in relation to your location.

The JGOD results should be helpful in helping you decide which option is best suited to your playing style. If you’re playing to win, an advanced drone might be the best choice. On the other hand, stacking three drones can be a better option for high killing games.

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