Blizzard is preparing a Hearthstone hotfix to address counterfeit issues in Barrens

distance Less than a perfect offering Dependent Forged in Barnes Expansion to Hearth stone, Blizzard is rapidly compiling the latest hotfix to address the many issues gamers encounter. Consider the new expansion it brings with it Fundamental changes For systems in the game, it might understand why society is inflicted with some problems. Either way, thanks to the quick work of the development team, solutions were found.

Come on April 5th Hearth stone The hotfix will be posted. The full list of fixes can be found at // Blizzard Forums, With 17 changes lined up for the game.

Players will no longer be able to find passive cannibal treasure from duels. Pen Flinger will also be removed from designer Duels’s buckets. All remaining changes focus on bugs when playing the game itself.

For players who love shamans, the Hearth stone The hotfix should be of particular importance. It would fix a bug where Totemic Call could still invoke Air Totem’s anger when playing with certain shaman skins.

Blizzard prepares to Hearthstone Hotfix to fix Barrens issues (1)

Crushing and cleaning

In case you didn’t know, Forged in Barnes He made some changes to the ability of the shaman hero. The Wrath of the Air Totem, which grants damage to +1 damage, has been replaced by the Strength Totem. This totem will award Agent +1 Attack instead.

However, if you go to a game with other variations instead of the default Thrall game, Wrath of the Air Totem will still be able to appear. For those who rely heavily on compensatory damages, this was a great time to take advantage of the shaman hero class. The Hearth stone Reform will put an end to that.

Blizzard Prepare to Hearthstone Hotfix to fix Barrens issues (2)

Of course, the other changes that are made will make the gameplay easier in general. The fewer cards that perform well, the better for Hearth stone social communication. Make sure to go after running the hotfix for the best Hearth stone Experience.

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