The Outriders prove, once again, that online single player suckers

Outriders is a single-player shooting game with optional co-op. Why then do server problems for the first few days prevent me from running it at all? People Can Fly is hardly the first studio to design a game this way, but it’s a great reminder how it can backfire.

The subreddit Outriders are full of fans who are eager to upgrade their electric pipes, but instead many of them are Venturing out frustrations About falling into the login screen. Meanwhile, people can fly is the version Hourly updates On Twitter as he reboots servers and tries to get the Outriders healthy. We’ve been through this before – we know the server issues will ultimately work by themselves and things will be smooth sailing, but there’s no good reason why online disruptions have to interrupt a game I’ve been playing on my own for the most part. The way the game stops is extremely frustrating:

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