Cooking Simulator releases new shelter-themed DLC content

Cheese Studio si broadens its popular title Cooking simulator With an all-new DLC expansion. Instead of adding small changes, developers are achieving Apocalypse with Cooking simulator Entering a fallout shelter is lost. In the new Shelter DLC players will acquire a new way of cooking as the surface melts away in a wasteland.

The world is over and in the new apocalypse this is a wasteland with very few resources. Use your skills while cooking very small amounts of food to prepare nutritious apocalypse meals. This is a unique blend of features because more cooking games don’t take things away in a post-apocalyptic environment.

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After wandering through the wasteland, I reached sector 12 that needed a new cook. You need access to their radio dish to contact them, so in return, they become the main food supply for the area. You will have to deal in minimal situations where you cook potentially suspect food in a horrific environment.

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Use mutant meat, glowy mushrooms, and other nuclear ingredients as all your stuff. Use this to create a file A unique world of recipes You will trade for access to the radio dish. This is a cooking game, but things have gotten more radioactive than before.

You are staying in Underground shelter in the middle of a wasteland. Using unknown ingredients, you enter into an unparalleled culinary experience. Enjoy the immersive story with the campaign mode where you have to use your ingenuity to communicate with your family.

Since it is Another chef on this planetYour skills are greatly appreciated by all of those in arid lands. As you would your neighbors, take special orders, and deliver food to those across the wasteland. Once you feed the crowd, you will finally have access to your family.

this is interesting Cooking game evolution, But not unexpected by some fans. As more variants are slowly released, Cooking simulator You approximate the many opportunities that players can take advantage of.

This game is designed for all fans and contains safe content. Cooking simulator It is mainly related to the production of food in a strange physical environment. The title also includes sandbox to enjoy without the stress of real targets.

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Cooking simulator Available in steam For the masses to buy.

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