Why is PUBG Lite not available to download in India

PUBG Lite, the release version of the original PUBG PC game, will be closed at the end of this month. As quoted before the edge, Krafton announced that it will close its free-to-play Lite version on April 29th. Read also – PUBG Ban: Here are 6 alternative Battle Royale titles that you should try

The developer said in PUBG Lite’s official termination notice that the lite.pubg.com webpage has already been closed and new downloads closed on March 30th. Read also – PUBG Mobile to fight Coronavirus; The “Play as One” campaign launches an in-game challenge, fundraising

We are very grateful for the passion and support of the astonishing number of PUBG LITE fans who have been with us. During the troubled times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope PUBG LITE will be able to provide our fans with an enjoyable way to stay safe. Unfortunately, we made the difficult decision to shut down the service after so much Deliberations It is time for our journey to end. Unfortunately, we are telling you that PUBG LITE is scheduled to end on April 29, 2021 (UTC), ”Crafton noted. Read also – PUBG Mobile: This is the reason why Miramar vending machines are not attacked

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While the game’s publisher shared an initial date for closing PUBG Lite, he did not provide any details on why the freemium game was closed. Reports predict that reduced demand may be the reason why the developer has pulled the game entirely from its list. Apparently, the PUBG Lite Facebook page will remain open even after the game’s service ends until further notice. It is worth noting that closing the PC version will not have any impact on PUBG Mobile Lite.

While players in India are still awaiting the relaunch of PUBG Mobile, the latest news is undoubtedly a setback for those (even a small number) who have been able to enjoy the PC-based Battle royale title. In their system. As a reminder, PUBG Lite was introduced in beta in January 2019. The studio made the game free last November, by pulling out the “L-Coin” currency system within the game. With the blinds closed for the freemium Lite version of PUBG PC, it remains to be seen if Krafton has gotten any more surprise for gamers.

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