How to open the line of killing bombing in the war zone

Season Two Reloaded adds a lot of new content to War zone. While Insight Killing Series he have War zone Community talk, bombing addition is equally noticeable. When used under the right conditions, bombing can kill a team multiple times.

Just like Foresight, Bombing will require some preparation to get it. It’s generally easier to win this new streak in a team environment, but it’s still possible in solos. However, it will be more difficult because the probability of hitting a player and dying before completing the setup is higher. Also, the bombardment cannot get into loot. It can only be accessed at War zone‘calendar Battle Royale modes.

What is the bombing?

Bombing is the new kill line in War zone. It is effectively a more powerful version of the current Cluster Strike. When you call for a bombing, missiles will land on a specific location in Verdansk. You do not choose the location. Instead, missiles will strike wherever the zombie infestation occurs.

Bombing event zombies in the war zone

The radius of bombing destruction is much greater than the radius of a normal cluster strike. Moreover, any players in the radius when calling the Bombardment are not given time to escape. Players can take cover in nearby buildings, but the bombing lasts more than a minute. Any attempt to move through it will result in instant death. Therefore, if timed well, the opposing team could be stuck at a disadvantage.

Get bombed

To win a Bombardment Kill Streak, the team must first win a Zombie in-game event War zone. This is an event located in one area of ​​the map in each lobby. Activating a station located in the center of the area triggers the event. The Zombie event is constantly moving around Verdansk, but it’s not hard to locate it. To locate the event, find the marked area in the upper world map.

The affected area by bombing the war zone

The Zombie event itself is simple enough. After activating the station, 40 zombies will spread nearby. Killing all 40 zombies will end the event. However, only the last zombies matter for the purpose of getting bombed. The Last Zombie will always drop the Access Card, which is used to open the event’s exclusive supply box. If there are enemy players also competing in the event, it can be helpful to keep a single zombie alive. This way, once another 39 zombies die, forty can be killed to claim the access card.

When opened, the supply box provides many useful items. This includes cash, legendary weapons, armor and a special gas mask that doubles the life of the Standard Edition. However, it is the new addition to the supply box needed to get the bombing, protocol access card. Once you get the access card, the preparation process for earning the bombing is complete.

Warzone Foresight containment monitoring station

Let me upgrade and upgrade

The last step is to go to one War zoneContainment monitoring stations. These are the upgraded buy stations where unique kills like Foresight and RC-XD can be purchased. You can find it in four locations: Park, Hills, Military Base and Airport. All stations are located at the end of an underground passage. Take the corridor and enter the containment monitoring station. The top option is bombing. It won’t cost any money but it will use up the AP card when purchased. Finally, sit back and enjoy watching the bombing and an unfortunate destruction War zone Players were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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