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Let’s take a break from all our April Fools’ Day hoaxes and check out something that can’t be said to be a joke. Other than today being funny and / or disturbing pranksters, it’s also Thursday. And every Thursday and for some time he gives us a free game to check out on the Epic Games Store. This week’s free game is Tales of the Neon SeaA neon-rich cyberpunk noir tale. next week, 3 of 10: Season 2 Ready to grab, allowing you to continue the bad adventures of the game development.

The more you read about it Tales of the Neon SeaWhenever she regrets missing her when she landed in 2018. In the game, she stars as a “cop-turned-boiling detective” wandering the streets of cyberpunk city. He uses pixel art to convey his story, made up of criminal cases, and it’s up to Rex who wears the trench coat to solve it. However, Rex is starting to notice strange events: evidence suspiciously pointing to a serial murder case more than a decade ago.

Tales of the Neon SeaOf course, it focuses on police work. The killing scenes are there to distinguish using your analytical skills, and the search for hidden clues that lead you closer to the truth. There are also puzzles to solve this blend of narration and environment. You can also play as a cat. What do you want more?

Tales Of The Neon Sea Epic Games Store Free 3 out of 10 Season Two of Cat

Detective Meow R. Oh my God, I need a nap.

Return to the game develop grind

3 out of 10 It appeared as a free game on the Epic Games Store in August last year. Developer Terrible Posture Games has dropped all five of its episodes in store, allowing players to live the life of developer games in the chaotic Shovelworks Studios. The game was more satirical than simulated. We love it.

Just like the first season, the second season of the game will also be free next week. 3 of 10: Season 2 Did you return to the studio trying to answer the question, “Will Shovelworks make a game with rates higher than 3 out of 10?” Season 2 will feature five more episodes, promising female directors including AI, rival studios, and more.

You can pick up Tales of the Neon Sea Free on the Epic Games Store by Go to her page Today. The second season of 3 out of 10 Free Publications On April 8th.

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