Street Fighter V’s spring update has been announced for April

Last month, Capcom hosted a broadcast of Winter Updates via Dan and Rose, while the next character, Oro, was teased by Street Fighter III. Yesterday on the official Street Fighter Twitter page, the company revealed a Street Fighter V Stream Spring Update. Next week on April 6 at 6 PM ET, Shuhei Matsumoto (Producer) and Takayuki Nakayama (Director) will join some special guests to discuss Rose, Oro, and more upcoming updates for Season 5. We already know a new game mechanic will be coming towards the end of the year, so we can see the first signs of what that might be like.

After Oro, the next character for season five is Akira Competing schools Franchise. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see our first look at it like we did at the end of the winter update with the Oro. The fifth and final character of Season 5 remains a mystery, and speculation ramps. Estimates from Dmitry ranged from Darkstalkers To kyo from King warriors. It might be too early to hear that fifth character. Perhaps the fact that Capcom has kept it secret for so long is a sign that she is saving everyone who is for the sake of the big reveal.

Capcom keeps its papers close to its chest

Despite the extremely difficult launch, Street Fighter V It has grown over the years to become one of the most popular fighting games. In the four years since its debut, Capcom has introduced two updated versions, and now five seasons of DLC content after launch. But most of them believed that the fourth season would be the end of the game. Especially considering that Seth was the last fighter to be included, bringing every main character from the series to the game. However, rumors have spread about an upcoming development Street Fighter The title was rocky, so Season 5 was announced last year to give the development team some extra time.

With a long streak of lead, Yoshinori Ono left Capcom, producing and directing assignments Street Fighter V It was given to Matsumoto and Nakayama respectively. So far, the fifth season is very popular and well received by fans and Professional players Both. Dan is a lot of fun, best he’s been in the main streak Street Fighter Game. Eleven was a fun addition, too. V-Shift, the new game mechanic, has been a welcome addition to the game, which has changed the definition. The latest Balance update made fan favorite characters like Ryu viable again for the first time since Season 1.

You can pick up Street Fighter V Spring Update Stream on Capcom Fighter’s Twitch Official Page next week.

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