Mortal Kombat’s release date has been pushed for a week to avoid some of the big monsters

Mortal Kombat Fans will have to wait an extra week for the movie’s release date. Yesterday Warner Bros. announced that instead of releasing it on April 16th, Mortal Kombat It will now premiere on April 23. The one-week delay creates more room for maneuver between the next release and Godzilla vs. Kong, Which has hit movie theaters and HBO Max today.

as such diverse I mentioned, Warner Bros is hoping for that Godzilla vs. Kong It will do as well in the US as it did abroad, having already grossed $ 121 million. If the company released the production Mortal Kombat Too early, it risks likely skipping Godzilla vs. Kong Selling tickets. Mortal Kombat It will be released in theaters on April 23, after about a month Godzilla vs. Kong. Meanwhile, HBO Max subscribers will be able to stream the movie.

In addition to maximizing sales, we hope the delay will come at a time when the US is loosening some of its COVID-19 restrictions. to me diverse, Los Angeles just lifted some capacity restrictions this week, allowing theaters “to increase indoor capacity to 50% or 200 people.” The delay might be frustrating for some ardent fans, but admittedly we can’t argue with Warner Bros. Logic.

Mortal Kombat release date delayed

Mortal KombatRoad to April release date

modern Mortal Kombat The movie started a few years ago. Another movie based on the gory fighting franchise was released in 1995, but that movie didn’t quite live up to the bloodthirsty gaming essence. the new R rating Mortal KombatIt will include those horrific deaths for the first time. Starring Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, and Josh Lawson, Mortal Kombat He follows an MMA fighter on his quest to become powerful enough to fight the enemies of the outside world.

This was one of many support films that saw delays in light of the pandemic. Mortal Kombat Its release was scheduled for January before the initial delay to April. Back in February, fans finally got to see the first Mortal Kombat Tractor, Which paved the way for an action-packed narration of popular video games. Time to start counting down the days until April 23rd.

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