Blackwood gets a new trailer and a free game session

Earlier today, Bethesda introduced to curious fans and viewers A closer look In the next expansion of Sheikh Scrolls onlineAnd Black wood. The expansion takes the group of witches and warriors in the game to frosty and foggy land of Blackwood, where the lizard-like Irguns call home. Aside from talking about the accompanying system, the team dropped a new trailer to introduce us to the stories ahead. However, you don’t really need to wait. In conjunction with the announcement, Bethesda revealed that you can play Sheikh Scrolls online Free starting today alongside Black wood Task introduction.

The free-to-play event starts today, and lasts long enough to get a good feeling of expansion. It lasts until April 13 at 10 a.m. ET – more than enough time to get both soggy and wet in Blackwood’s swamps. The free event includes the basic version of Sheikh Scrolls onlineSo if you haven’t started recently The story of the gates of oblivionNow, your chance. For those unaware, Gates of Oblivion is a story that began in Flames of Ambition DLC, and continues with Black wood.

You will not be able to play along the way Black wood Before launching on June 8th. But you can try its preliminary series of missions: Mortal Touch. Here, two comrades join you as you investigate the suspicious transactions of Diedrick’s cult. Completing it will give you the Daedric Redirect Amulet.

The Elder Scrolls Online Playwood Trailer Free Play Event 2

Forgetfulness … and beyond

The trailer called “All Roads Lead to the Deadlands” gives you a glimpse of what’s to come. I think taste is something in the world of mud and moisture. Blackwood’s wet bogs are dominated by argon and imperial alike. And I think most fans of the series know what it looks like when the imperialists hang their big noses on the works of other regions in Tamerl.

Check out the trailer below, then head over to Official Website If you want to try The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Free.

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