The WW2 FPS Enlisted 100-player game starts in an open beta in April

Multiplayer WWII shooter game RecruitedAdvertised in 2016 as a 100-player game that focuses on historical recreation rather than “sports-like competitions”, it is finally heading to unlock the beta. Publisher Gaijin Entertainment announced today that large-scale FPS will end its closed beta testing and open its doors to everyone on April 8th.

The open beta launch will see the Invasion of Normandy and Battle for Moscow campaigns currently available in an expanded closed beta test with new, more precisely designed weapons and vehicles such as the Browning M1918A2 machine gun and FG 42 II assault rifle, P-38J fighter, German Pz.IV tank H., Soviet mortar RM-50, and more. Other upcoming changes in the open beta include new campaign missions, improved soldier’s AI, changes to weapon and vehicle balancing, and adjustments to squad size in certain roles: Sniper teams, for example, will always be smaller than attack teams, reflecting their calmness. A more accurate approach to war.

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