Gaijin Entertainment is preparing 100 listed FPS players for the open beta

Back in 2016, Gaijin Entertainment revealed to the world Its latest projectsWorld War II multiplayer shooter Recruited. The game was envisioned to be a 100-player experience revolving around historical accuracy rather than a race for the highest death toll. Five years have passed, but the time has come Recruited Open beta is here. The first person shooter is ending the closed beta, and it will soon be available to anyone else.

The Recruited The open beta will start on April 8th, and there will be some important additions to the content in the future. Both the Invasion of Normandy and Battle for Moscow campaigns that players have been testing in closed beta will get some updates. Increasingly new and accurate weapons and vehicles will be added.

For those who know the Browning M1918A2 submachine gun from the FG 42 II assault rifle, or the P-38J Fighter and the Pz.IV H. German tank, you are in luck.

The Recruited The open beta will also include new campaign missions and improved AI for soldiers. Gaijin Entertainment will also adjust balance changes for both weapons and vehicles. Some roles will see her team size change as well.

Gaijin Entertainment Preps Listed 100 Player FPS Open Beta (1)

War never changes

In preparation for more jumpers, the Recruited The open trial version will include an New progress system. By offering free and premium tracks, the Battle Pass will give players more incentives to spend time on the battlefield.

Including Battle Tasks, another form of goal, will bring more rewards to the table. This will all be part of the effort to stay away from random rewards.

When Recruited Open Beta starts, and Founder’s Packs will cease to exist. These packages provide exclusive access to US, Soviet and German teams. Access to the closed beta version was also part of the deal. So if you want to have certain teams, you’d better do so before April 8th.

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