File size reductions come in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

If you are a fan of 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Call of Duty: War Zone, you know Large file sizes. These games are pretty massive, and when you have both installed, they might as well have your own drive. If you decide you want to play Call of Duty Black Ops: The Cold War veryAnd Then Activision definitely owns one of your drives. Thankfully, that may change soon. Season 2 reloaded for Call of Duty Black Ops: The Cold War It brings a lot of new content with it. However, Modern warfare And War zone Players will also benefit, in the form of significantly reduced file sizes.

Depending on how you downloaded the games, you will see different file size reductions Modern warfare And War zone. According to the publication On the Call of Duty website, PC players from War zone It can be expected that the game file size will shrink by 11.8GB. This isn’t much, but if you have both Modern warfare And War zone Proven, there is a lot of fat to shed. Specifically, 30.6 GB of fat. This is a big difference for the game, which currently consumes a total of 139GB on my M.2. And this is without any Modern warfare Installed content alongside the multiplayer game.

New Cold War content

While it’s exciting we’ll get some smaller file sizes, today’s update from Activision is about more Call of Duty Black Ops: The Cold War. We are moving into the second half of the second season of that game, and with it a lot of content arriving.

First, three new maps for cold War. Miami Strike is a daytime version of Miami with a redesigned design. The night version of the game is very large and open, while this iteration of the map should see more close combat in back alleys, buildings, and parking structures. The second map is the mansion, and it was built for gunfight and frontal combat. Like many other maps in cold WarThere are several ways to locate your location even on this small map, so look for those unexpected corners. Finally, Golova comes to the multiplayer game as a multi-team game mode map. This area appeared earlier this season in Outbreak.

Besides the new maps, a number of new game modes and additions to the existing game modes are on the way. A multi-team game mode is added, along with the gunmaker’s habits. New maps are also added to search for items.

cold War He’s also going through some budgeting changes. The game’s weapons and attachments receive some modifications, which include “Full Balance Passing on multiple attachments for Assault Rifles and SMGs.” You can see the changes made in a blog post at Treyarch website.

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