Darby McDevitt, Director of Stories at Assassin’s Creed, leaves Ubisoft

Functional departures are a part of life, especially in game development. After all, people are always looking for better opportunities and better growth, which usually results in greener pastures. It seems that Status at Ubisoft As one of the Doctrine killer The most important person in the franchise is leaving. Narration Director Darby McDevitt is leaving Ubisoft after more than a decade of service with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Being his most recent work.

In a tweet, McDevitt appreciated all the developers who helped create great stories and characters for Doctrine killer a series. However, now was the time for a new adventure.

What that new adventure would entail is anyone’s guess. We know McDevitt has a lot of experience in music, filmmaking, and writing. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he ended up in a role that makes full use of his remarkable skill in those areas.

The new place in the games industry might not be the one where we find Darby McDevitt next.

Historic march

McDevitt started a long-term business Doctrine killer Series even before joining Ubisoft. As part of Foundation 9 Entertainment, he helped write proverbs Blood strains And discover. After that, he moved to Ubisoft, and was a lead writer on both Detection And Black flag.

His influence in the series continued all the way through to more recent shows that turned more into action RPG affairs. Needless to say, more modern lovers Doctrine killer The games have a lot of reasons to thank him.

Narrative director in Assassin's Creed Darby Mcdevitt leaves Ubisoft (3)

The same goes for the franchise itself. Fitting, official Ubisoft Doctrine killer The account too He tweeted her goodbye And thanks for the video in which many of Darby McDevitt’s works appeared.

Unlike Most recent departure flightsMcDevitt will be missed by everyone for his hard work and contributions. Here I wish McDevitt all the best on his next project.

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