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PUBG Mobile Lite, the truncated version of the original FPS game, recently received a global update. PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.1 global update brings a variety of features including Payload mode for players. Also read – 5 countries other than India have banned the popular Battle Royale game

“Bunk! Pan attack! Winner Pass 22 has arrived! Be sure to grab it while you can! PUBG Mobile Lite mentioned in its tweet. Read also – PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23 launches on April 1; It will bring a new Winner Pass

It is worth noting that the simplified version of PUBG MOBILE The game gets regular updates to provide an enhanced gaming experience on low end devices. The latest update requires 600MB of free device space and 1GB of RAM to run smoothly. For users whose devices play an PUBG Mobile Lite Version 0.20.0 can be updated directly to the latest “in-game” version. Here’s how to download PUBG Mobile Lite to Global Version 0.20.1 on your mobile phone. Before starting the process, users in India are advised not to download the APK version as the game is banned in the country. Also read – PUBG Corp Recruitment in India; Will Krafton relaunch PUBG Mobile India soon?

However, players can download and install PUBG Mobile Lite by heading to the official website and checking the APK file. Here is the simple guide to update the game to its latest version on your Android phone

Step 1- Visit the official PUBG Mobile Lite website – https://www.pubgmlite.com/en-US

Step 2 – Click the “Download APK” button

Step 3 – Once downloaded, locate the file and install it on your Android device

Step 4 – Open the app once the installation is complete

Step 5 – Upon completion of the in-game patches, players will be able to try the latest version of PUBG Mobile Lite.

In related news, PUBG game developers have begun testing patch 11.1 for PUBG Season 11. The patch is expected to bring a bunch of features into the PC version including updated terrain, new game modes, and the ability to take it back to Paramo Heights. There will be the Mini-14, SCAR-L, among other new / updated weapons for players to try.

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