Tencent wants to change your survival game experience with Undawn

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: It’s a post-apocalyptic world where survivors struggle to get past it every day while the horde of undead grows by the hour. Unfortunately, this is the least of the problems for these survivors. The biggest problem remains the other humans, as everyone tries their way of survival. This is a familiar setting for many games lately, and why stop there? Tencent revealed His new show, Daybreak, And it is exactly as described.

With both PvE and PvP elements, you’ll also need to consider how to survive in the world. This means looking for resources and trying to manufacture better equipment – it’s all part of the new, everyday life.

You can also collect and share resources, as well as build shelters that provide a safe haven in a devastated world.

According to executive producer Rick Li of Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, the goal is to create a new approach to the action genre with Tencent’s Daybreak. He will be looking to combine open world freedom and RPG mechanics.

Tencent wants to change your survival game experience with Undawn (2)

Smooth transition

For players who have followed Tencent, Daybreak It should look really familiar. There is a great similarity to a mobile game announced last year by the same development studio, and the companies involved have confirmed this Daybreak It is already a pre-only mobile phone Dawn awakening.

This will prompt questions about mobile and PC cross-play, and co-preservation. This will be seen as development continues.

Tencent wants to change your survival game experience with Undawn (1)

While the development team can be praised for its ambition when it comes to reinventing the wheel, it seems so Daybreak Don’t really do that. a Play video From the closed beta test of the mobile version showing the tutorial in action. It reminds me of any third-person shooter where you shoot the sights to get a first-person view.

At least things would get a lot more interesting with Factions. There seem to be killer clowns, rich and powerful rivers, military eagles, and an owl gang armed to the teeth.

Tencent has not specified a release date for the Daybreak.

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