Mythgard announced its competitive plans for the 2021 season

Free competitive arcade game experience Mithgard She announced details of her upcoming season. Developer Rhino Games held their first tournament of the year, giving his community the opportunity to pick up a real prize. This competitive arcade game is fairly new to the market, but comes with a unique style that many fans find fascinating and addicting.

In the first round of the 2021 Open Qualifiers, the competitors played a Swiss-style game with the top 8 players playing live on Twitch. The tournament will be broadcasting via Mythgard beginning March 27, and contestants will be hoping to win a total of $ 1,00 in prize money in addition to in-game coins and Mythril.

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In 2021 Mythgard’s competitive season, There are six stairs in order and six qualifying tournaments. All events will be held on a bi-monthly schedule, and only players with a Silver rating and above will be able to compete. This format is Familiar to many digital CCG fansAnd it appears that developers are pushing for a more consistent approach.

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The game consists of using powerful cards to cast spells, summon creatures, create artifacts, and enchant the battlefield as a whole. The goal is to outwit the opponent with your own deck of cards. This is a completely free game with optional purchases, and it comes with a single player and multiplayer mode.

Fans are playing it because Unique resource management A system that allows players to build mana throughout the match. Every decision affects the viability of the game, and a bad move often leads to defeat in a winning strategy.

Players will find a variety of established trends Mithgard Borrow from other games. The title calls itself a Strategic and tense experience, And many fans believe that he has pioneered the way to play the tournament.

Anyone can compete or watch the tournament game, and the unique game modes add variety to the mix.

Rhino Games offers free faction codes to help players obtain them Reaching strong floors And content. To get some free cards, fans just need to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

For 2021, the game will feature the top 16 players to compete in a prestigious tournament for $ 20,000. This is a fight for the big title Mythgard World Champion, Almost anyone can compete in this event, as long as they reach Silver or higher.

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Mithgard Free to play and can be found on steamIOS and Google apps For anyone interested in competition.

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