Balan Wonderworld – Quick Tips to Get Started

Balan Wonderworld It’s not a particularly complicated game, but it does have some unique design options that will take getting used to. Regardless, keep these quick tips in mind and you’ll do things Become clearer. we will, Some Things.

Get a grind

Some costumes are in Balan Wonderworld She is infinitely more useful than others. As such, it would be best if they had a larger stock of. Whenever you get hit or fall from a level while wearing a costume, you lose it. It hurts to lose a valuable outfit that you don’t have a lot of, but you will alleviate the problem by identifying which outfits are best and most in need. For example, it can be annoying to be attacked by a group of enemies when your costume can only jump and nothing else.

But the attack-based costumes cannot jump at all, which means their mobility is simply not sufficient for mobility with ease. This is mitigated by outfits like Aero Acrobat, which has natural movement, but easily eliminates most normal enemies with its guided missile attack. Motion-based costumes like Air Cat and Double Jumper will also be good picks for high stacks. All you need to do is go to their crystal whites, grab some keys, and take their crystals. Crystals multiply after a minute or so. Since you will already have one of them in your inventory, make it your third space and you’ll instantly add an extra to your wardrobe.

Balan Wonderworld quick tips 2

As long as you can access

You’ll sometimes see statues in Balan Wonderworld Hard to reach or dangerous to take. But the Physical Attack costumes can grab statues and gems by simply touching them. The Pumpkin Puncher costume, for example, has a remarkably long range and can be used to punch items from afar. Likewise, some of the mobility costumes are very useful so that you can get prizes more easily once you find them. For example, Chapter 2-2 has statues in the hard-to-reach heights. You can either reach them the hard way, or you can just use the Air Cat to walk directly to them.

Tim problem

Balan Wonderworld It doesn’t really explain TIMES. Long story short, if you feed them gem stones in the hub, they will eat them until they have grown to maximum size. The color of the crystal you feed them determines their abilities. Once they’re older, they’ll tell you what kind of other Tim you need to throw them at. Once you do that, they will lay an egg, increasing their population. It’s kind of strange and doesn’t make much sense, but whatever.

Please make this the final

Balan Bouts is one of the worst parts of the game, but the achievers will need to take on it. Yes, it is boring. In order to collect their statue, you’ll need to have excellent reviews in each QTE department. The easiest way to do this is to press a button when Balan’s shadow is about to line up perfectly with him. But you have to be careful, because moving away a little will mean that you have to exit the level and try again another time.

Balan Wonderworld quick tips 3

Do not touch the analog wand when leaving the mirrors

This one I learned the hard way. After exiting the mirror gate, it’s easy to fall to death and lose a costume due to how close you are to the edges. As such, lift your thumb off the analog wand once your character steps through the gate. This way, you won’t have to take any unnecessary losses.

It takes three

Boss fights in Balan Wonderworld Easy. So it’s very, very easy. But the challenge is not simply overcoming them. Each boss has three ways of getting hurt and the only way to get the three statues is to harm them in all three ways. Each boss arena has two outfits in it, which should guide you as to exactly what you must do to harm the bosses in specific ways. Plus, it’s safe to experiment because fashion is renewing. You can’t even lose this.

I can’t have them all

It might be tempting to try to grab each statue right away. But you can’t. Most of the statues are in Balan Wonderworld Requires you to come back later in a different outfit. This means that, especially early on, it is not literally possible to have all the statues and costumes on your first flight. If you are playing on PC, just take screenshots of things that you cannot access, followed by a screenshot of the pause screen, as this tells you the level you are currently at. That way, you won’t forget anything. The biggest concern is forgetting what individual costumes do, as they do 80 who are they.

Balan Wonderworld quick tips 4

Don’t worry about jewels

Gemstones are present at all levels in Balan Wonderworld. If you’re like me, you are trying to collect everything else because they are all probably Super important to accomplishment Or some nonsense. But the jewels in this game are not. They are only used for Tims, so there’s no reason to go out of your way to get them. Especially since they proliferate indefinitely at the exit from the level. Even if you decide you want a lot of them, getting them is easy.

Don’t forget the rainbow eggs

There is a Tim Gray statue at the axis that can only be activated with rainbow eggs. You can find this in two ways. The first is to find the gray Tim statue hidden in each level. Approaching him gives you one egg. But reaching others is much easier. Simply restart the level to the end after beating it. The first time you do this, you will get a rainbow egg for each level.

That’s all we have Balan Wonderworld Tips. There is a fair amount to keep in mind, but you will learn things fairly quickly. All you have to do is find the willpower to ignore Balan Bouts, because I don’t even care about perfection, man. I don’t want to look at another of those boring things again, though.

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