Rain Hazard Guide 2 – Unlock the Secret Heretic Character

Rain hazard 2The Anniversary Update has a lot in store for old fans and new arrivals. We’ve seen an addition Survivor of the bandits In addition to the changes in Final level and fight boss Mithrix. We’ve even seen a couple of heresy elements being added (for example, the heresy hook and the essence of heresy). However, there is one piece of information related to these elements that is not even mentioned in Correction Notes. Here’s our guide to help you unlock and play with Rain hazard 2Secret Character, Heretic.

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Rain hazard 2: Unlock the heretic, the game’s secret character

Requirement to unlock the secret heretic character in Rain hazard 2 Fairly simple because you only need to have all the fad items in one run. However, getting to this point is something else.

Previously, there were only two components of heresy (the visions of heresy and the steps of heresy). Now, thanks to the Anniversary Update, you’ll be able to find the fad hook and the core of the contraption, too. You will need to complete the Blockade Breaker challenge, which tasks you with hitting 15 bosses in one round. The heads of the teleporter, and those who could be sorted into different stages, count toward the achievement of this milestone. Once you do this successfully, you will see the elements of the contraption.

After this point, you’ll want to take another round with any character. Just get A driving artifact Activated so that you can choose which items to capture. After that, try to get to Bazaar between time.

Ror2 Annv Hrt 1 Update

The bazaar between the time in Rain hazard 2 Contains fad elements to grab. You can even use a reroll column next to the bowls (which cost 1x Lunar Coins) if you don’t see the ones you need.

However, keep in mind that each item in the bowl costs 2x Lunar Coins. Since you need all 4 items, you will spend 8 times the coins the most. Make sure to use the Artifact of Command tool to be able to select the correct elements:

Heresy item what it looks like Skill and Influence have been replaced
Visions of fads Small orb with a crescent moon Replaces basic skill with hunger look
– fire tracking fragments that detonate after a delay; 12 charge by default.
Fad hook Purple fish hook Replaces secondary skill with Slicing Maelstrom
– Fire a projectile that passes through enemies and deals damage per second. The projectile also explodes to do more damage while rooting enemies. This has 3 charges by default.
Steps of heresy The leg of the insect Replaces the utility skill with Shadowfade
– Be intangible and gain 30% movement speed. Heal a percentage of your maximum health.
The essence of heresy A blue body that looks like a collapsed lung Replaces special skill for ruin
– Dealing with enemy damage adds a pile of havoc to that goal. Your special activation detonates all Havoc Stacks (unlimited range) to deal massive damage, plus extra damage based on accumulated Havoc combos.

Ror2 Annv Hrt 2 Update

Heretic Abilities and Gameplay Tips

After the original survivor has picked up all four of the contraptions, you’ll play as Rain hazard 2Secret Character, Heretic. This crow-like entity possesses some innate advantages:

  • Heretic is able to triple jump by default.
  • You’ll get a big boost from HP when you get to the next level.
  • The downside is that the character also drains their health automatically (like the inherent poison DoT).

The good news is that you can make up for this problem easily enough. For one thing, Shadowfade really provides healing. But if you are looking for other sources, here are some examples:

  • Common Items (white) – Medkit and Monster Tooth.
  • Uncommon elements (green) – Harvester sickle, infusion, and hernia seeds.
  • Mythical Items (in red) – Renovation Mantel and Interstellar Office Factory.
  • President’s Elements (yellow) – Planula and Titanic Knurl.
  • Equipment (orange) – foreign fruits, super-lump leeches, and cloudy woods.

Noticeable: I would suggest choosing Backup (Common / White) journals as well as you can increase the number of secondary Slicing Maelstrom skill fees. Likewise, Hardlight Afterburner (Legend / Red) gives Shadowfade auxiliary skill +2 charge while reducing its lag by 33%.

The danger of rain 2 Unlock the heretical skills of the heretical elements 1

Can you keep playing as the heretic in Rain hazard 2?

The heretic is definitely an interesting secret character in Rain hazard 2. The challenge is because your HP is constantly dropping, but there are many ways to cancel this patch as mentioned above. Meanwhile, the character set, based on Heresy type items, is also very powerful if you build it properly while playing.

Sadly, the heretic will only last this run because you really can’t fully unlock it. If she dies, becomes obliterated, or defeats the last boss, the heretic will never appear on the character’s checklist at all. As such, you’ll need to take another round while picking up the necessary contraption-type items just to get a chance to play as the game’s secret character again.

Is it worth obtaining the secret character at least once? Challenging. Is this something you want to do during every game? Probably not.

Rain Hazard 2 Unlock Heretic Items Heretic Skills 2

Rain hazard 2 Available via steam. For more information, check out our website Axis guides and features.

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