Now is the perfect time to take a plunge into Magic: The Gathering Arena – here’s why

Since its original release in 1993, the collectible arcade game phenomenon Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has explored digital releases on numerous occasions, but it was not until the arrival of Magic: The Gathering Arena in 2017 that developers at Wizards found of the Coast. The Perfect Digital Title Format – One that combines the beauty of a card game with the convenience and flair of an online and always available digital experience. The only caveat: It was still only available when I was sitting at your computer … until now.

With Arena arriving for iOS and Android, it is time to dive into the game, either for the first time or to start diving into what Digital Magic has to offer. There’s nothing “submerged” in Arena either, as nearly all cards from every physical deck since the 2017 beta release have been integrated into the digital game. Whether it’s tokens, counters, epic stories, or parties, even the most complex modern interactions are represented seamlessly, making it often the easiest way to learn how keywords and new concepts work before you play the latest shows with your physical floors.

Magic at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere

Magic: The Gathering Arena on iOS, Android, and Tablet

(Photo credit: Wizards of the Coast)

The launch of Arena on mobile is exactly what fans have been hoping for – everything you have on the PC version is here in your Arena mobile account, and all the progress is flowing through both versions of the game. Arena on mobile gives you more ways to play, more often – which also means that you are likely to bump into your friends a lot, too.

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