European servers are burning rust in France, but servers are already resurfacing

Today Rust Players were hit by the terrible news that Facepunch’s 25 European Rust servers were destroyed in a fire at a data center in Strasbourg, France.

Fortunately, given the way Rust works, this isn’t the end of the world for players, even if many are upset with their lost progress. Many Rust servers are now scanned regularly every month or so, however. In most cases, the players had lost up to a week in advance.

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It’s a little annoying to read on social media. Many players forgot that this was a realistic event where property was damaged and people might be injured.

There are some calls for immediate compensation for lost hard work and server progress. Understandably, people might have been grinding all week to completely remove their progress without any record whatsoever. You can understand their frustration.

Rust’s design though, means that many servers are scanned every month anyway so progress is a fickle thing in the current game state. Temporary hiccups like this, which Facepunch resolves quickly, aren’t that much of a problem for most gamers.

However, at this point in time, Facepunch may be working hard to restore server services across Europe. Several servers have already reappeared, allowing players to return to Rust the same day the servers crashed. Very impressive.

It’s an unfortunate time for something like this to happen because Rust is currently available in a closed beta version on Xbox. Several players will just start playing.

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It is also difficult to access the closed beta version at this time. The beta release precedes the expected full launch in the coming weeks, although no further details have been announced regarding the exact date and time.

Rust reached even more popularity earlier this year with a number of multiplayer servers hosting the biggest creator personalities and live streams on Twitch. The console release is a much anticipated release with loads of enthusiasts finally trying the game after years of waiting.

The console release has already been postponed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and hopefully this loss of servers will delay the game’s launch for a longer period, for the sake of the company rather than the eagerly-waiting fans.

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