Strange Wonderland – A Guide to the Conqueror Strange III

Strange activity in Wonderland in Jinshin effect Entering the Peculiar Conqueror III stage, it adds new challenges like Shimmering Path and No Landing. Here is our guide to help you.

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Jinshin effect: Alien Wonderland – Conqueror III’s alien challenges, Facundity buffs, and bonuses

For reference, make sure you are familiar with the Mechanics and basic features From Jinshin effectAn exotic wonderland. Likewise, note the challenges and rewards of Previous stage. Anyway, let’s talk about the changes you’ll notice this time.

Changes to existing challenges

The only change I’ve seen, so far, is during the Bubble Speedster minigame. Now, there are additional bubbles moving sideways, which makes it noticeably tougher. As for the old challenges, it still retains the modified mechanics from the Peculiar Conqueror II stage.

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A New Challenge: A Shimmering Path

This depends on skill and memorization. Unlike the One-Way Traffic Challenge where you can still see the ground, the Shimmering Path Challenge shows nothing but a deadly drop below.

The floors that you can stand on will flash for a while before they are gone. However, the different sections will become visible from time to time. There are also instances when all safe floors quickly appear before they are gone again.

Genshin Impact: Wonderland Wonderland Gharib The Conqueror III: The Strange Conqueror 3 Sparkling Challenges and Bonuses Track without landing 1b

The new challenge: not to land

For this challenge in Jinshin effectIn the strange Conqueror III stage, you will see some wind currents that allow you to float and slide through the air. Many of the flower crowns will also begin to drop slowly, so you can go ahead and grab them.

Periodically, the wind currents will disappear themselves and new ones will appear, so make sure you are still up in the event that you need to change directions. If you hit the ground, well, let’s say it’s like lava (or electric lava). You will lose gravity the longer you stay on Earth.

Genshin Impact Peculiar Wonderland Peculiar Conqueror III Peculiar Conqueror 3 Sparkling Challenges and Rewards Path No Landing 1a

New faces aficionados

These are the things I’ve noticed so far:

  • 100 Face – + 50% Defense or -80% Endurance Consumption.
  • 200 Facundity – Bracket-charged attacks have a 100% criticality rate, and are capable of triggering an AoE shock wave. This is always the improvement you’ll get once you hit 200 Facundity.
  • 300 Face – + 120% Attack or + 140% Crunch Damage.

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Meet the leader: 1x Ruin Grader, 1x Ruin Guard, and 2x samachurls

This strange encounter in Wonderland in Jinshin effect It can be tricky especially if you are at a higher world class and you are not prepared. Make sure to take out your samachurls right away as they can be irritating. After that, drop the destruction guard as well until it stops targeting you with guided missiles. Likewise, you may notice additional mechanics such as bubbles that can envelop you, thunderbolt orbs, explosive plants, and fireballs.

Personality like Juneau He definitely excels here thanks to Facundity’s Charged Attack / Shot power. Alternatively, you can choose to find random photos by matchmaking. The host might be in a lower world class which makes this battle a breeze.

Genshin Impact Peculiar Wonderland Peculiar Conqueror III Peculiar Conqueror 3 Sparkling Challenges and Rewards Path No Landing 2a

Exotic Conqueror III Challenge rewards

Here are the rewards for the challenge Jinshin effectConqueror III Alien Stage:

  • Complete the Peculiar Wonderland race in 420 seconds (seven minutes) – 30x Primogems and 20,000 Golds.
  • Complete a strange race in Wonderland with at least 2 Facundity pools activated – 30 Primogems and 20,000 Golds.
  • Complete the run without falling once during the Shimmering Path Challenge – 2x Guide to Freedom and 20,000 Gold.
  • Complete the run while finishing one-way traffic in 40 seconds – 2x proof of resistance and 20,000 gold.
  • Complete the run as you obtain 10 Flower Crowns in the No Landing Challenge – 20x Guide to Ballad and 20,000 Golds.

Noticeable: Because all the challenges of strange wonderland live now Jinshin effect, It may be more difficult to try to get the mini-games that you need. For example, if you still need to get the reward from the Windblume Blessing Challenge, encountering it might be rare since the no-landing flash path has become part of the rotation.

Jinshin Strange Effect in Wonderland, Strange Conqueror III, Odd Conqueror 3, Rewards, Rewards, Sparkling Path, No Landing 2B

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