Another 2021 Haunted PS1 Demo Disc is 147 percent haunted

I don’t know if you’ve heard however The game offers are back, baby. Last year, the independent developer scene Scary games with PlayStation era graphics Put together a free selection of 17 sinister anomalies called Haunted PS1 demo disc. Its creators return from the Land of Wobbling Textures and Giant Polygons with a sequel, the PS1 haunted 2021 demo disc, Which will contain 25 demos of upcoming retro games with low-res art.

As in last year, it won’t be a real physical disk, but instead, a set of executable files for Windows is accessed via a launcher with a user interface reminiscent of antiquity. Among the additions to this year is Agony of a Dying MMO, “A narrative horror game that takes place in the final hours of an online multiplayer game before its servers are permanently closed,” The Lunar Effect, a fixed-camera horror game in Resident Evil / Silent Hill / Alone in the Dark style where you have to solve puzzles to escape the mansion, and tmOD, “a curse / demake love letter on classic gmod and hl2 mod scene”.

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