The $ 25 World of Warcraft server transfer fee is pretty hefty

In the genre that’s largely free, World of Warcraft is easily the most expensive MMO game. Although it comes with a free trial version (Which has its own problems), You’ll need to pay more than $ 40 to get the latest expansion pack and subscribe to a $ 15 monthly subscription to truly experience Azeroth. It has happily borne that cost for 17 years because WoW is a giant who defines the type who continues to innovate and reinvent itself in exciting ways. But every time I have to shell out more money to pay for one of WoW’s various gaming services like relocating a server, I feel like I’ve taken advantage of it. WoW gaming services are a very expensive toll that you sometimes have to pay just to enjoy the game as Blizzard wanted.

Before we get into why WoW gaming services are a negative experience, let’s break down what exactly they are and how much they cost:

  • Raising the character’s level to 50 costs $ 60.
  • The character race change costs $ 25.
  • The character faction change costs $ 30.
  • Transferring a character to a different server costs $ 25.
  • The cost of changing a character’s name is $ 10.

Here’s how that graphic compares to Final Fantasy 14, another MMO that is very similar to WoW in terms of structure and account services offered.

World of Warcraft

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

To boost FF14, the total is calculated by adding a chapter level payment ($ 25) and Tales of Adventure ($ 25), which opens the story campaign for the latest expansion. There are no species in FF14 either.

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