PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23 starts on April 1

Season 23 of PUBG Mobile Lite is set to start on April 1, after Season 22 ends on March 30. The new season will provide a new Winner Pass, and new rewards and items for players to purchase. After Season 22 ends, the WP Division will be locked and players will not be able to claim any rewards. Just as usual, the Season 23 Winner Pass will be offered in two paid variants – Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus, priced at 280 BC and 800 BC, respectively. Read also – PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22 Winner Pass released: How to Get It, Rewards, and More

Winner Pass is PUBG Mobile Lite’s tiered rewards system, in which players have to complete a set of missions and rise in rankings to claim specific in-game rewards. These rewards include various in-game items such as outfits, skins, and more. Also read – PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.1 Global APK download link is now available: How to download and install

Tencent Games has yet to reveal the list of rewards, which will be featured inside the Season 23 Winner Ticket. However, a number of leaks indicate that the list of rewards will include Butcher of Stalber Set, Butcher of Stalber UAZ skin, Red Accents, Blood Lotus Dacie skin, and more. The list of leaked rewards can be seen in the video below: Also read – The end date of PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 Winner Pass has been revealed

When the new PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass is available, players can head to the WP section from within the main screen of the screen. This will bring up the new Winner Pass on their screen. Players can then choose to play with or upgrade to the basic free Winner Pass. If they decide to upgrade, they can choose the desired option and click buy.

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