Chongyun Hangout Events – All endings and options

Cryo Exorcist searches for “Signs of Evil” all over Liyue. Here is our guide to help you with Chongyun’s Hangout event dialogue options and their endings Jinshin effect.

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Jinshin effect: Chongyun Hangout Event Guide – Choices and Endings

Chongyun’s Hangout happened at Jinshin effect It is called “signs of evil”. Start it and head to the Liyue Harbor shipyard to meet him. He will talk to you about possible sites of evil spirits. This initial conversation will actually lead to branching points I outlined in this guide, like telling Chongyun whether or not evidence about evil spirits is out of reach.

You can refer to the pages below for the parts you need help with:

Note 1: Chongyun’s Hangout Event has six endings. Compared to personalities like BarbaraAnd the Bennett, And the Noel, Chongyun’s story seems to have most of the branching points. As for bonuses, you’ll get cold noodles with Mountain Delicacies, Guide to Diligence brochures, and Shivada Jade Fragments.

Note 2: There are some main dialogue options that you will need to choose. Choosing the wrong things may cause Chongyun’s pacemaker to drop and eventually fail. Don’t worry as I’ll be referring to this in the appropriate sections of the guide.

Genshin Impact Chongyun Hangout Event All Endings Choices Marks Hide Evil and Find Clues 1a

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