Terraria has sold 35 million copies across all platforms

Like Wes Fenlon wrote in 2020After nine years of free updates, and no additional paid content or micro-transactions, Terraria remains an amazingly good deal. A year later, this still appears to be true, as the 2D drafting sandbox has now sold 35 million copies. Of the 17.2 million copies were on computers, with 9.3 million on mobile and 8.5 million on console

This was announced as part of Update from developers in the official Terraria forum. “We are still working hard on a series of updates in all areas as we move forward in 2021,” they wrote. “Things are really starting to come together, and we’re super excited for the remainder of the year in store. However, we updated the regular numbers to close 2020 and wanted to share that again – thanks to amazing support – Terraria has reached the point of selling other units!”

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