Activision promises to refund the crossbow from COD Black Ops

In the constant twists and turns that were an integral part of both Call of Duty: War Zone And the Call of Duty: Cold War Black OpsActivision let the cat out of the bag again too early. Both matches received a new crossbow weapon yesterday, which was removed immediately after a short time. Although not many players enjoyed the new weapon, there were definitely players out there who were able to get a gun for themselves. As a result, Activision announced that refunds are on the way for players who received crossbow Call of Duty: War Zone And the Black Cold War.

As spotted By Eurogamer, R1 Shadowhunter is the weapon in question. Crossbow provided unannounced access in Call of Duty: War Zone Shop to surprise players.

All you have to do is complete the challenge to obtain a weapon. Three one-shot medals, one kill in 15 matches without any attachments, and you’re the proud owner of the new R1 Shadowhunter. Players hurried to get the weapon, putting in time and effort. While parts of the community enjoyed some time with her, Activision quickly pulled the plug.

Activision promises refunds after early crossbow draws from Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone (1)

Compensation in the works

For those who have purchased a crossbow with real money, you will likely do so Get a refund For the short time I spent on it War zone And the Black Cold War. However, players who did the hard work might not be so lucky. Refunds will be challenging for this process, as players technically spend only valuable time and effort.

Removing the crossbow also resets the progression of the Challenge itself. When the R1 Shadowhunter is officially released, everyone will have to start over.

That’s a big problem for everyone involved, and your crossbow might not be worth the trouble in the first place. A crossbow is a specific kill with one hit Black Cold War, But not so War zone. You will have difficulty hitting targets as the bolts fall at an alarming rate across the range. Add to that the long reload time, and this likely won’t be possible in the long run.

There is no specific release date yet for the arrival of the crossbow. Meanwhile, we just have to wait and see when Activision decides to piss players off again.

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