GOG Deep Silver sale includes a free copy of Deadlight: Director’s Cut

GOG started the weekend selling Deep Silver to publishers. The sale offers up to 80% off a ton of games published by Deep Silver, including Wilderness 3 And the Subway displacement. Additionally, anyone who already owns or buys any Deep Silver game this weekend will get a free copy of Deadlight: Cut the Director. Deals will close on Monday, March 21 at 10 a.m. ET.

Highlight Gog The selling of the deep silver diffuser is Wilderness 3 Available at 40% off. The RPG sees players take control of Desert Rangers after a nuclear disaster. They embark on a mission to help the Patriarch of Colorado save the state from torn apart by gangs. The player’s choices affect the outcome of the game. Build a new base, customize characters, and travel through wastelands in a brand new combat truck. The original game is for sale, as is the Deluxe Edition and Deluxe Edition Upgrade.

The GOG Deep Publisher sale also includes quite a few Metro Titles. Metro: Last Light Redux And the 2033 Redux Metro Both are 80% off. Meanwhile, those looking for a complete trio can purchase Metro franchise package At a discount of 30%. Package includes Subway No. 2033And the Subway last light, And the Subway displacement, Plus all DLC. Enthusiastic players can experience Artyom’s journey to save humanity from start to finish.

Sell ​​Publisher Gog Deep Silver

Other titles include Bestseller Sellers Pathfinder: KingmakerAnd the Iron harvestAnd the the outside. From now until March 22nd, those who own Deep Silver published games can catch them Deadlight: Cut the Director Free. Add the zombie outbreak game to your cart to get the freebie.

Get a retro fix on GOG this weekend

In addition to selling Deep Silver Publisher, GOG added nine Retro games For her group. Most of them are sports surnames, such as Quick breakAnd the MicroProse Football, And the TKO. However, there are also a few games that focus on space, like Psi 5 Trading Company And the XF5700 experimental mantis fighter. New legacy additions are included in the “Retro First Friday Collection # 2” and the “Retro Sports Bundle”.

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