Warzone heads to the hospital afterward

Despite all this nonsense Infinite Vulnerability Spur And cheaters run and destroy the experience for everyone, Call of Duty: War Zone It’s still a fun game to lose yourself in. The intensity of the action, the danger of meeting other players, and the urgent need to avoid toxic gases make for a great mix of action. Call of duty Franchise well. Add new Call of Duty: War Zone An outbreak happened, and things condensed even more. Zombies were on the move Across the map Recently, we have a better idea of ​​their next destination. From what we gathered Call of Duty: War Zone The outbreak is taken to the hospital.

We know this on the basis of Outreach carried out by Activision For the game. Call of duty The creators shared their latest marketing drop from the company, which comes in the form of medicated scrubs. However, these uniforms are not just an old outfit. It bears the signs of the Verdansk General Hospital located in it War zone Outbreaks. And they came with a note.

“The latest diagnosis? The note says it looks bleak in Verdansk. “Run while you still can. I’d say” Take two of these and see you in the morning, “but you won’t hold up until morning.”

Ominous words, to say the least. I bet you guys will survive until morning, but strange things have definitely happened.

Mixing the dead

After the arrival of the dead about two weeks ago, the outbreak broke out Call of Duty: War Zone Things start out slowly. True, it didn’t exactly start with a pop, but slow burning might actually be more exciting. Players are eager to know where things are going to lead, and the hospital will be the next hotspot for some actions.

Is this just the next step for zombies? Or is there something more important waiting for us in the hospital? We’ll just have to wait and see. There’s also this nagging fear at the back of our minds about Verdansk’s fate despite the outbreak in Call of Duty: War Zone. Will the nuclear weapon fall on the map? Is it eliminating zombies?

The end of Season Two can’t come soon enough.

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