Fortnite Animals – How to Tame them and What to Fall

Want to know where to hunt animals in Fortnite? This new season brings a lot of new features. Whether it uses a file Fortnite crafting System to upgrade Fortnite guns are new Or making a hunter’s mantle, you’ll need to hunt animals to make primitive equipment.

There are currently three animals known to roam Fortnite Island, each of which is found in specific locations. While wolves are predators and pigs are aggressive towards almost anything, chickens are harmless and adorable. However, there are hints that more dangerous animals will soon arrive on the island and some may be amenable to tame.

Join us as we review all of the Fortnite animal and challenging locations on where to find it, plus all the steps you need to complete to tame the wolves. We also have a lot of hints about the new wildlife coming to Fortnite. It’s going to be a little tricky time so let’s dive into the basics of fishing.

How to hunt animals in Fortnite

In fact, killing animals is relatively easy, as long as you have a weapon. None of them have this much health and you’ll have bones and meat to kill them.

The player hunts a pig, one of the animals in Fortnite, at a children's playground.

Here are all the animals you can hunt in Fortnite:

  • Chick We came across this near one of the small constellations scattered across the map. It is harmless and will run away from you. We also recommend searching anywhere near a farm. If you catch a chicken and it hops, it will fly for awhile, similar to Link in The Legend of Zelda.
  • wild boar – This can be found in any forested area. They are usually lonely and will attack people and defend against wildlife attacking them.
  • Wolf This can be found in any woodland area and usually hang out in groups of two or three. They will attack anything in sight, but avoid civilized places where they can.
  • Frogs It can be found near water and is also passive. Kill them to find stinky bags to manufacture primitive stink bows.

How to tame animals in Fortnite

Currently you can only tame a wolf. Here’s how to tame animals in Fortnite:

  • Kill any animal and capture its meat
  • Find a wolf and throw the meat by aiming and pressing the fire button to raise it
  • Wait for the wolf to get close to the meat
  • Run towards the wolf and hit Command Prompt to tame it.

The wolf will now be your companion. He will chase after any enemy that shoots you and in general will be a canine best friend.

The player looks at some eggs hidden behind a boulder in Fortnite, just southeast of Spire.

Upcoming animals in Fortnite

So far, we’ve only had a hint from the official website that more animals are coming, but there’s still no confirmation on what.

However, one of the interesting things we discovered while walking around the map was these eggs. It looks a bit too big for chickens and none of the other animals in the game can put it down. Maybe dinosaurs? It would make sense since this is the primal season after all. Breaking and opening them produces very little material, although the bones can be broken into materials that can be used in industry.

Here’s what we currently know about animals in Fortnite. As we said, more will come as the second chapter of Season 6 progresses, and there are hints to tame wildlife in the next few weeks. Until then, you may find Fortnite Gold Bar Guide to be somewhat helpful, as gold still has a major role to play in the new season, or maybe you’re looking for Fortnite gold artifact Sites to complete the challenge.

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