Dying Light 2 developer update reveals the 2021 release window

For lovers dying lightLast week was sore. They (and I) were waiting for an update Death light 2 For ages at this stage and today Video update developer I promised that. After hours of waiting and dying light Discord server crashes, update video from Techland developer is finally here. Unfortunately, it does not reveal much information about the game. Instead, Techland appears to be avoiding any claims that the game is in a “development hell”. And while that’s not what anyone wanted to hear, we did receive one exciting news. Death light 2 It finally has a release window again, this time for 2021.

The Video update, Which you can find below, begins with a mockery of Jimmy Kimmel’s skit. Many developers for Death light 2 Read tweets that are somewhat funny but mostly mean aloud, as nearly all of them request a game update. However, the video does not share any details about the game itself. It will be rolling out soon, according to one of the developers. The developer said, “We are all here to put our hearts on a game that will continue to play for months.” “We’ll be ready to start talking about Death light 2 Very, very soon. “

A small excerpt from Death light 2

Just before revealing the release window, the video shows a short montage of clips from Death light 2. And to be honest, it’s the same game we saw four years ago. In the barrage of clips, we see characters jumping across rooftops, battling enemies in temporary shields, and revealing some of the characters who may end up becoming major players in the world of Death light 2. Of course, we also have a peek at some of the newer neighborhoods. In particular, there appears to be a fickle new zombie with strange growth spreading from its back.

This also appears to be the start of the regular videos on Death light 2. At the end of today’s update, a developer announced that regular videos asking me anything were on the way. Fans can go to Death light 2 The disagreement starts today and you fill out a special form to send questions directly to the team.

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