The final DLC for Civilization VI

Last month, it was all about Barbarians. But the sixth and final DLC for Civilization VI – It was the new border pass Revealed earlier today. Portugal Pack released Civilization VI On March 25th, it introduces a new civilization to develop and an additional leader. but that is not all. The package also includes New Wonders of the World and a text map. So are zombies. Yes, the game will allow you to face the undead in the new Zombie Defense mode.

Portugal Pack and Zombie Mode for Civilization VI They were shown in a developer update today. over there civilization The team showed all the new and luxury additions coming to the package. Anton Stringer, the game’s lead designer, described Portugal as one of “truly world first civilizations”. You will have coastal cities to control, as well as its maritime empire.

Of course, it might be I wonder What is in the story of wonder. The first wonders of the world on display is the Torre de Belém. You need to build it on the coast tiles, next to the harbor area. But once that’s done, Marvel offers you +5 Gold (+2 for each nearby luxury resource), plus one large Admiral Point per turn. The second wonder is Etemenanki. This Marvel will add +2 Flag and +1 Output to all Marsh Squares, or +1 Science and +1 Output if your Empire contains Floodplains Squares. You can check both of them in detail in the developer update below.

Just everything zombies have these days, huh?

Now, we get to the brain flesh of the story. In fact, Portugal package Civilization VI Zombies will be included in the new Frontier Pass. The new Zombie Defense mode will make conquests more difficult to handle. Fallen soldiers do not stay for long, and return to the land of the living to attack the soldiers who are still alive. Of course, any soldier defeated by zombies will return, and the dance of death will begin again.

To defend your civilization, you can create traps and barriers to defend and damage the members of the Confused Horde. There are also city projects you can create that provide temporary control of the undead, as long as they are within your boundaries. But let’s hope it doesn’t get that bad, right?

The Portugal pack comes, with two new wonders and one zombie Civilization VI New Frontier Corridor on March 25th.

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