Diablo 3 Season 23 – All We Know

Want to know everything that is coming in Season 23 of Diablo 3? Even though there is a new game in the series coming within the next year or so, Diablo 3 is still seeing huge support with seasonal updates to keep the game feeling alive.

If you haven’t jumped into Diablo 3 for some time, you might wonder about the specific seasons of this long-running RPG … basically, they’re special events that don’t always provide players with permanent changes, but add a bit of variety in addition to the balance changes. For example, the previous season had shrines and turrets spawning in shadow copy for your class that lasts a minute or until you die, plus Kanai’s Cube has a fourth hole.

With the latest patch 2.7.0 PTR expiring a few days ago, Here’s everything coming to Diablo 3 Season 23. From balance updates and bug fixes to major mechanics rework, there’s a lot to dump here and you’ll want to know in advance to get the most out of the new update.

The date of the release of Diablo 3 Season 23

Diablo 3 Season 23 will release sometime in early April 2021. There is some speculation about when he will arrive, but Season 22 ends March 28 and the current Double Goblin event is also set to end at the same time. There was no confirmation from Blizzard when Season 23 began.

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Diablo 3 Rewards Season 23

To commemorate the 23rd season of Diablo 3, there will be two new bonuses: a vertical tire and a pet. It will be awarded to players who complete the Guardian Journey of Season 23. We will provide you with updates on exactly what these items are when they are announced.

Diablo 3 Followers Renewal

This is the biggest update to Diablo 3 Season 23, and it will affect both seasonal and non-seasonal play. Players will be able to equip their followers with items in a total of 14 different item slots. These openings include:

  • The relay element of the function
  • Leadership
  • shoulders
  • Chest
  • Gloves
  • Brackers
  • Belt
  • Rings (x2)
  • neck
  • Pants
  • shoes
  • The main weapon
  • Far fetched

There are also new items with which you can equip your follower with the Emanate theme. according to Official Diablo 3 Blog Post, This “allows the player to obtain the intended effect of some legendary powers and specific rewards when equipped on the Hired Follower.” There are 13 items with this theme, plus 2 sets of 3-piece rewards.

Followers skills updates

The FadedAnd the The fall of fate, And the guardian Skills in patch will be updated to include – higher priority over player’s cheat skills, display of debuff code while all of them cool down, and bug removal that reduces lag by 50%. Additionally, the Vanish description has been reformulated for clarity, and follower capacity hints now display the current value of measured capabilities, rather than range.

Here is the full list of Skills with the new Balance Patches for each individual follower in Diablo 3:

The villain from Diablo 3 holds a bag of money and smiles.


  • Obstructive shot: Long-range attack deals 140% damage to the weapon and slows down enemy hitting by 80% for 3 to 6 seconds depending on the skill of the bastard.
  • Automatic shot: Long-range attack detonates on collision, deals 120% weapon damage as Arcane to enemies within 10 yards and has 100% chance to hit enemies for 3 to 6 seconds depending on the skill of the scoundrel.
  • hysteria: When you or a bastard get critical hit, both of you will go hysterical, and increase all damage dealt by 3% for 3 to 6 seconds depending on the skill of the scoundrel.
  • anatomyCritical Hit: Increases 1.8% to 4% chance for both you and Lugos, depending on the skill of the scoundrel.
  • Passive Multishot: Special swag attacks have 50% to 70% chance to unlock 3 bolts depending on the skill of the rascal.
  • Faded: When dealt mortally damaged, scoundrel hides you from enemies for 3 to 7 seconds depending on the skill of the rascal, prevents your death allowing you to escape your death.
  • Veil of the night: Scoundrel releases a cloud that covers 20 yards and lasts 5-10 seconds depending on the skill of the scoundrel. All attacks against enemies inside the cloud will be critical strikes.
  • Fire piercing: Long range attack that penetrates and increases damage to enemies by 10% for 3 to 6 seconds, depending on the skill of the rascal.

Added Skills – Night Veil and Piercing Shot
Removed Skills – Dirty Fighting & Poison Nails
Reworked Skill – Fade

Hulk followers of Diablo 3 covered with massive armor.


  • Healing and loyalty: These skills are now measured based on the strength of Tumblr.
  • Intimidation: Enemies hitting or hitting Hulk are slowed down by 80% for 3 to 6 seconds depending on Hulk strength.
  • the shipment: Charges a target, deals 280% weapon damage and stuns all enemies within 8 yards for 3 to 6 seconds depending on the strength of the hull.
  • intervention: Enemies taunt within 10 yards of you for 3 to 6 seconds depending on the strength of Tumblr when you get hit.
  • Onslaught: Deals massive enemy blow at 800% weapon damage and causes the target and nearby enemies to increase damage by 10% for 3 to 6 seconds depending on the strength of the hull.
  • guardian: When dealt with mortal damage, the Hulk will rush to your aid, knock out enemies within 15 yards, heal you from 15% to 25% of life based on Hulk strength, and protect you from all damage for 5 seconds.

Reworked Skills – Attack and Guardian

The Enchantress Follower in Diablo 3 has a crew with a bright green ball on top.


Stripping: Summons a bundle of Energy Do 330% Weapon Damage like Arcane for over 5-7 seconds based on Enchantress Intelligence. Impacted enemies will receive 10% increased damage.
Mind focus: 40-yard Aura increases Attack Speed ​​for you and Mages by 3% to 6% depending on the witch’s intelligence.
Automatic shield: Reduces damage by 6% from long-range attacks, increases armor by 3%, and slows melee attackers by 60% for 3 to 6 seconds for you and the Mages based on the wit of the witch.
Temporal pulse: The Enchantress throws a guided ball that deals 150% weapon damage and slows enemies by 80% for 3 to 6 seconds, depending on the Enchantress’ IQ.
Amplification: Increases highest Static Element Bonus by 5% to 10% based on Enchantress’ intelligence.
Prophetic harmony: Reduce your skill slowdowns by 5% to 10% based on your Enchantress’ Intelligence.
The fall of fate: When you deal fatal damage, Enchantress enables you to accelerate your movement through time for 3 to 7 seconds to avoid death based on your Enchantress’s wits.

Skills Removed – Powerful Propulsion, Collective Control, Confusion, and Missile Wing
New Skills – Chronological Pulse, Amplification, Prophetic Harmony, and the Fall of Fate
Reworked Skill – Robotic Shield (renamed Power Shield)

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Season 23 item updates

It’s worth noting that, in addition to the item updates below, the Bones of Rathma redesign has been set for Necromancer Diablo 3 Means that the goal of “raising 100 Skeleton Wizards” will be updated to “revive 100 corpses”.

Here are all the updated items in the upcoming update of Diablo 3 Season 23:

  • Traumatic shieldKisa: Now he has a 60-second cool-down period
  • Twine bone set of two pieces: Your Minions reduces the Deceleration period of the Army of the Dead by 0.25 seconds each time they deal damage. Skeleton Warriors reproduce faster, your revived followers are no longer valid.
  • Rheotha bone set of 4 piecesYour followers are no longer harmed. You will earn 1% damage reduction for 15 seconds each time one of your minions inflicts damage. A maximum of 75 packages.
  • Rtha bone set of 6 pieces: Each Active Agent increases Army of Dead and Bone Spirit damage by 500%, up to 8500%.
  • Defiler Cuisses: Bone Spirit damage increases 400% to 500% for every second it is active and will also freeze enemies when colliding. A maximum of 5 seconds.
  • C’Lena Bonds: Soul Bone deals 300% to 400% increased damage and deals additional 2% damage for 10 seconds each time an Army of the Dead hits an enemy. A maximum of 500 packages.
  • 2-Piece Firebird Finery SetDisintegration ignites enemies, causing them 7500% weapon damage per second until they die. When you die, a meteor falls from the sky and revives you. This effect has a 60-second slowdown.
  • 4-Piece Firebird Finery SetCasting Disintegrate: Adds combustion stacks that reduce teleportation slowdowns by 1% per stack. Stack up to 100 times. Earning 80% damage while preserving combustion chimneys.
  • Set of 6 pieces Firebird Finery: Get 4000% increased damage while applying Ignite to the target. Hitting a burning enemy with a fire spell without directing ignites damage multiplied by combustion chimneys.
  • Gears of Dreadlands Set of 6: Your Basic Skills deal 15,000% damage.
  • The ninth Cirri bag: Ensures Hunger Arrow penetration & also increases damage by 450% to 600%. Hunger Arrow can only penetrate 3 times.
  • Stare demiseSoul Arches damage increased by 100% to 150%. Spirit Barrage gains a Phantasm Rune that lasts twice as long, and the attack rate increases from the Manitou Spectra.
  • Blackthorn Mail Swordsman: 1 small property has been replaced with random elemental damage.

A skeleton lying in the desert outside a big city.

Diablo 3 Season 23 updates and bug fixes

Outside of updates for follower categories and items, there are plenty of other updates in store for Season 23.

Individual leaderboards update

The larger, single Rift leaderboards will contain additional filters. You will be able to use a total of seven filters for each class, including class groups, no class assignment, and total filters. This is so players can represent their favorite group, with only the strongest displayed Diablo 3 builds On the leaderboards.

Bug fixes

  • Updated text in Blackthrone’s Jousting Mail item description
  • Fixed a bug where Demon Hunter’s Hungering Arrow pierced – smash shot more than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the Wizard’s Finery 6 Piece Bonus did not interact with Heat Wave and Hydra base attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where the Wizard’s Deathwish damage bonus was not always applied correctly during steering.
  • Fixed a bug in Leaderboards where players could be placed on the “No Six Piece Set” Leaderboard when equipping a Class Group.
  • Fixed a bug in Leaderboards that severed the bottom of the Leaderboard UI.

And these are all the changes coming to Season 23 of Diablo 3. There is a lot to do, especially when it comes to renewal of followers and updates to the many elements, but there are a lot of updates for single-player use that change the way the gameplay drastically.

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