The best XM4 gear in Warzone

Trying to find the best XM4 class setting in Warzone? Balance changes introduced in Warzone Season 2 have shaken the definition, as players equip weapons that have not been used since they were initially added to the game. The biggest surprise was the emergence of the XM4 assault rifle, the Call of Duty Cold War Rifle She was barely touched when she got to Battle royale game Late last year.

Now that the XM4 attachments are fixed, this gun has been converted into a top-tier pistol. When comparing this weapon to some of the Best war zone rifles, The XM4 has the damage output and accuracy to rival Top assault rifles. The only downfall is the rebound pattern that takes some time to adapt to, but can be mastered over time.

If you want to try a new weapon beside Best FFAR Gear 1 or Kar98k, XM4 provides gamers with a powerful alternative to their current identification rifles. Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone’s Best XM4 Downloader.


The best of the Warzone XM4 gear is:

  • Suppressor agency
  • 13.7 ” Extender
  • 3x pivot arms
  • Field Agent Grip
  • Stanag 60 i

Not surprisingly, the new and improved Agency Suppressor is the first accessory to the XM4 as it drastically changes the assault rifle. There are some drawbacks that slow down the target from speed of vision and aim for stability – fortunately, suppressing sound, effective damage range, and vertical recoil control more than make up for this. Even the Agency Suppressor boosts the velocity of the XM4 bullet.

The XM4 has impressive accuracy from a distance, but the stock version of the weapon has a duller bullet velocity. Although this is slightly improved with the Agency Suppressor attachment, the 13.7-inch extended barrel takes bullet velocity to another level. Equip the 3x Axial Arms scope to get the most out of improved accuracy, or toggle the Visiontech 2x scope if you want to use this gun with a sniper rifle.

As mentioned earlier, the recoil can be a bit tricky to deal with because the pattern is not very intuitive. This can be addressed with a field agent grip that increases vertical and horizontal recoil control. You will have to deal with a slightly slower movement speed while shooting, but most players will not notice this downside at all.

Finally, the STANAG 60 Rnd magazine concludes this loading by increasing the number of bullets in each magazine. Enemies might be easy to miss when shooting from a distance, but you can give yourself more chances to hit the target by equipping this killer magazine. This attachment can be swapped out for the 45 Rnd Speed ​​Mag if you prefer a slightly faster cocking speed.

The versatility of the XM4 is the reason you can expect to see it so much in Warzone – pair the XM4 with The best Pelington 703 gear Or the Mac 10 To dominate the competition in Verdansk. Wondering what will come to Warzone in the next big update? Read our guide on Call of Duty Warzone new map For the most recent information on what the developers have planned for Verdansk.

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