Texas is finally confirmed to be American Truck Simulator, and it will likely come in 2022

After huge fan speculation for quite some time, SCS Software has officially confirmed it’s just not Lone Star, Texas Coming to American truck simulator, But the studio also offered an early look at the new map; Some picks below.

Texas is the largest state by area of ​​land in the contiguous United States. It comes behind the second largest state, Alaska. The country is so huge, it is even noticeably larger than some countries. Due to its size, Texas offers a mixture of nearly every climate and terrain. There are tropical coastal areas along the Gulf of Mexico, arid desert regions to the west, and steep mountain ranges to the north. SCS covers all of that, as well as capturing a variety of companies and industries in the state.

The new Texas expansion is being developed alongside the upcoming Downloadable Content (DLC) of Wyoming, Which is “a little further.” However, the developers emphasized that the size of Texas “will bring its own challenges throughout the various stages of production.” As a result, SCS states that “it cannot commit to a release date within the year”.

American Truck Simulator Texas early 8

Everything is bigger in Texas

Although Texas is a far-fetched project, boiling trucks must be full of euphoria to know that the state is officially under development for American truck simulator. As mentioned earlier, the community has been sticking with this for quite some time now. While the Texas expansion is still a long way off, its Steam page is already there, Which allows you to put it on your wishlist today.

This will be the second largest map expansion of any of the SCS emulators. It was only conquered by the recently announced announcement The Heart of Russia DLC Which is just starting to develop Euro Truck Simulator 2. Coming Expanding Iberia about ETS2 Also quite large, it will cover a large area of ​​Spain, Portugal and part of France.

Early American Truck Simulator Texas 1

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