Inch Olympic Committee for closer ties with esports

In an interesting move, the International Olympic Committee voted to closer ties with esports. While the Olympic Movement is dedicated to celebrating “global” sportsmanship, the IOC’s relationships with esports will boost the fast-moving sector and give the esports industry new recognition. Also read – OnePlus Domin8 brings pro cricketers and pro gamers together with the OnePlus 8 Series to advance mobile gaming in India

according to Indoor games In the report, the International Olympic Committee voted to strengthen ties with esports, however, the committee will reject any games that encourage violence. Also read – Atari-branded hotels with game rooms and esports studios are coming to these eight American cities

“We have a clear red line that we do not want to deal with any game that conflicts with Olympic values. Any game in which violence is glorified or accepted, where you have any kind of discrimination that has nothing to do with Olympic values,” said International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach according to the report. . Also read – CES 2020: Asus ROG Swift 360Hz is the world’s first esports 360Hz screen with NVIDIA G-SYNC support

to me Indoor gamesFIFA President Gianni Infantino led the group examining computer games and told the session to not only see the potential of these games but also highlight the opportunity. Apparently, the licensing revenue from video games has proven to be a lucrative source of income for FIFA during the pandemic.

While adding esports to the “Olympic Games Pass” is expected to bring in some “billions of sponsorship dollars,” Bach indicated that the partnership is not about generating revenue but about participation.

This initiative was encouraged by many famous athletes such as BMX silver medalist Sarah Walker. According to the report, IOC Director-General Christophe de Kipper described it as a “recommendation that can’t wait” and said they would start an immediate engagement with esports where a big opportunity lurks at the Tokyo Games. However, Esports is expected to turn into an Olympic sport by 2024 in Paris.

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