Crusader Kings III gets its first DLC content focused on Northern Lords next week

The ancient world needs to be tamed, and you better do it, the greatest king or queen the world has yet to see? This is the attraction Crusader Kings IIIThe great medieval strategy game. After a few months of support, publisher Paradox Interactive revealed the first piece of DLC that arrived Crusader Kings III In the Paradox Insider event, With the northern lords getting love.

If you like Vikings, then you’re having a good time – at least for a little while. This will not be the first expansion for Crusader Kings III, But as a DLC it delivers fresh, smaller content.

Northern Lords Flavor Pack will add new art, 3D models, music, events and features such as Worlds of Adventurer. With players already familiar with Vikings raids and conquests, you will now learn more about what the Normans do when they are in their own domain. Of course, you can make yourself a new Norse master and experience all this firsthand. The best part is that you don’t have to wait that long.

New experiences

The Northern Lords Flavor Pack’s DLC for Crusader Kings III It will launch on March 16th. You’ll get along with Large (and free) correction 1.3. We already know winter will be a big part of that, and it looks like Scandinavians will definitely thrive in conditions like these.

Other units will also be able to take advantage of the conditions. For those who like to fight them, there is a new duel system they are looking forward to. Your gameplay will change dramatically in these new environments, so be warned.

Crusader Kings III gets first Dlc focused on Northern Lords next week (2)

However, you can enjoy more of their medieval life with the new arrival of DLC for Crusader Kings III.

This wasn’t the only announcement that came out of the Paradox Insider event. We also got more news about Stellaris: Enemies expansionAnd the Europa Universalis IV: LeviathanAnd the And the new studio is responsible for Surviving Mars.

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