Rainbow Six Siege Crimson theft – Everything we know about Y6S1

Wondering exactly what the Y6S1 Championship will bring in Rainbow Six Siege? The recently announced Crimson Heist features an all-new trigger, as well as a reworking of the boundary map, and realization of proximity to attackers’ drones to avoid Mozzie’s pests.

As well as setting a file Rainbow Six Siege roadmap for the sixth year, Ubisoft also went into a lot of detail about what to expect from Season 1 of the reveal event. Operation Crimson Heist for the sixth year introduces Argentine striker Flores, a medium-speed striker with four special drones loaded with explosives.

There is also a new secondary weapon on the way for some operators, which fires a powerful explosive shot capable of destroying unsupported holes, and cannot be destroyed once the timed blast is activated. Sure, you’ll have to choose between a pistol or single-shot projectile, but the device’s destruction capabilities make this entry worthy. Here’s everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Siege Crimson theft.

Rainbow Six Siege Crimson’s heist release date

The The Crimson Heist release date is March 16 for battle pass owners and March 30 for all players – Bringing a new operator, a secondary weapon, and reworking of the map to the first person shooter next month.

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New Crimson Heist – Flores

The latest player to join the strikers list is Santiago “Flores” Lucero. The Flores tool is the RCE-Ratero Charge, which is a remote-controlled explosive that can be deployed like a drone. Unlike drones, the charge can only be propelled forward and its speed is constantly increasing while in motion. You can try charging for about ten seconds before it activates automatically, although you can activate it at any time before the timer expires.

Once the charge becomes active, it will stabilize itself on the nearest surface and become bulletproof for three seconds before it detonates. You can even jump with the charge, allowing you to breathe in the air to stick to the nearest surface. This can be used to gain an advantage over the opposing team by destroying nearby tools and gates and making holes in the soft walls large enough to bend through.

The blast radius appears to be similar to a fragmentation bomb or nitro cell, capable of killing the operators if they are in the center of the explosion. The device reacts similarly to Ace’s graphics when deactivated by Mute’s jamming devices – this will deactivate the drone until the jammer is removed. Flores can either capture and redeploy the charge, or destroy the jammer, reactivating it with a three-second detonation timer.

Flores has a choice between two fairly unpopular weapons: the AR33 and the SR-25. The AR33 is a fully automatic assault rifle that can be equipped with a red point, reflection scope, hologram, and 1.5x and 2.0x range. This weapon has seen some use by players choosing the angled grip attachment, which gives the rifle a faster time to aim. For the SR-25, this semi-automatic DMR is powerful, but a far cry from a meta choice. The SR-25 can take the ranges of red point, reflection, stereo, and 3.0x.

You can choose between three stun grenades or Claymore as Flores’ secondary instrument. Stun grenades can be useful in disrupting confined spaces, while Claymore can be used to protect Flores while he is using his main devices. Its secondary weapon is the GSh-18 pistol, which is a solid semi-automatic perfect for short-range combat.

Top-down view of upcoming rework changes to the boundary map in Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist

Reframe boundaries

Limits also receive a rework, compared to the Club House’s rework scale. Although the map identity, major locations, and map flow will remain, smaller changes are seeing an expansion of pigeons and cashiers, making it a viable target. The map is also much cleaner, removing bits of paper, clutter, and unnecessary items that previously got in your way – strengthening walls to keep reinforcements away from reinforcements or covering up weak breach opportunities.

The rework introduces an interior balcony to the antechamber, which now connects the restroom with the eastern staircase.

John 6

The Y6S1 includes a new attacker secondary weapon called the Gonne-6, which is a way to enhance explosive capabilities. Single shot weapon that can destroy cannons’ utility. The reveal hasn’t gone into much detail about this secondary weapon, but it will arrive when the Crimson Heist release date spins.

New features

After long waiting , Replays match Entering the beta version on PC, allowing players to re-watch their games from any viewpoint to analyze their game and plan new strategies.

Stained mode It also accesses the test server by removing features like names, other players in the lobby and matchmaking delay, all to avoid queue and broadcast sniping.

Looking forward to the Crimson Heist release date and beyond? Here The entire Rainbow Six Siege game reveals its sixth year It was announced on the panel from upcoming operators in subsequent seasons, to future rework operations and upcoming systems.

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