Warlords’ Handbook – Privileges and Promotions for Warlords

Stronghold: WarlordsFireFly Studios, Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, recently released. There are many, uh, warlords that you can encounter on the map. Although they are controlled by AI, they are not necessarily the actual opponent of the AI ​​that you are fighting against. Here we have it Stronghold: Warlords A guide to help you gain perks and promotions using military force or diplomacy points.

Noticeable: You can also have a look at our site Stronghold: Warlords Beginner’s guide With many general gameplay tips.

Stronghold: Warlords Directory – perks and promotions for the warlords you encounter

Unlike RTS games that offer a fairly straightforward approach (you just versus an opponent), Stronghold: Warlords He tries to touch unique with neutral warlords on the field. They have their little belongings, a small cadre of guards, and they never leave their places. You can either take them out by force (military) or win their favor by peaceful (diplomatic) means.

The use of military dominance in Stronghold: Warlords

This requires you to bring your units directly to guarding a warlord, eliminate his guards, then reduce his health. Once the warlord’s health is exhausted, he will bend his knee. Have an infantry unit move alongside him to make him surrender completely.

Warlords are very powerful in combat, so you can expect some low and mid-level melee units to come under attack. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about scattered units getting hit. Unfortunately, it also causes very little harm to your target. Oh, and cavalry units cannot climb the guard ladders to reach the Warlord.

Noticeable: Your actual opponent in a Stronghold: Warlords The match will still try to bring in enemy units in an effort to claim the neutral / allied warlord from you.

Stronghold 1's warlord perks upgrade guide

Use the diplomatic points in Stronghold: Warlords

Another way to convince a warlord to offer his loyalty is to use diplomatic points. They are created over time, but you can speed up the acquisition process by constructing the consulate and embassy buildings.

Now, if you click on the Warlords panel and choose a specific target, you can set the Diplomacy points you collected. Once you reach the demand, you can ask for the obedience of the warlords. This will result in a progress bar that will take some time to finish.

Noticeable: However, keep in mind that AI can also use its diplomacy points to impede your progress. Likewise, if the match has already started, the action will continue in real time even if that board is opened.

Stronghold 2 warlord perks upgrade guide

Types of Warlords: Privileges and Their Settlement

at Stronghold: WarlordsThe types of Warlords you find are predefined. However, in Skirmish matches, you can freely change them to the matches you prefer.

Write down the challenges you may face because some warlords can be difficult to defeat with military force, but they do swing if you use the points of diplomacy. The opposite also applies in that they are unlikely to be affected by diplomatic means, so you just have to hit them. To be fair, the military option tends to be more manageable because it doesn’t make you check out a completely different screen while watching the AI ​​moves.

Strwrlrd Wrl Pr 1

Of course, let’s not forget the actual rewards the warlords provided by simply asking them to obey. Diplomacy Points will also be used here, and this allows you to activate or upgrade their majors.

Noticeable: At certain levels, you may choose to upgrade the warlord’s castle to make it more defensible against potential enemy counterattacks.

Type of warlord Specialist focus Allowances The difficulty of military takeover versus diplomatic takeover points
Crane Diplomacy and gold points It increases the quality of housing Easy / 250
the Dragon Military units built on fire Increases fear factor reward Very difficult / 250
horse Cavalry units Increases the rate of horses spawning from the stables Very easy / 120
the mouse Cedar and wood shipments More rice that workers drop Easy / 40
ox Shipments of wood, stone and iron The increase in resources decreased by the workers Average / 100
pig Shipments of rice, wood and vegetable / meat Boosts diplomatic points Medium / 120
Tiger Auxiliary and imperial units It strengthens infantry units Saab / 200
Tortoise Special castle defense It strengthens walls and defenses Very easy / 120

Strwrlrd Wrl Pr 2

Stronghold: Warlords Available via steam. You can also have a look at our site Beginners guide and general tips for gameplay.

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