Loop Hero Tips for Beginners – What you must know before playing

If you are just starting out with Loop Hero, and are looking for some beginner tips and tricks, look no further. If you haven’t begun your adventure yet, here’s the situation: The world as we know it has been destroyed by The Lich, and our mission is to reconstruct reality.

As Loop Hero blasts his expedition onto a randomly generated path, you can place different cards to set their adventure and generate loot, resources, and enemies. These cards are dropped from the monsters’ encounters; They are painted from a rooftop you build before every outing. You won’t go too far by dumping cards whenever you get them – the key is to manage your Loop Hero’s adventure by feeding them a controllable diet of enemies and improving the board to keep the replenishment coming.

If you wait until you complete a loop and get to camp to get home, you are leaving with all your resources; If you decide to step back in the middle of the episode, you’ll only keep 60% of it. Die, and you’ll keep a minuscule 30%, so it’s important to play it safe.

Tips and tricks for beginners in Loop Hero

To see how to get the most out of each episode, here’s everything you need to know before playing Loop Hero.

An episode in Loop Hero, in Episode 5, with eight cards in the hand

Cards and placements

Every time you play a card, the bar in the upper left side, next to the skull, fills up. Once this bar is full, the president will produce. This means that you need to consider placing your cards tactically, in order to maximize your winnings before the manager arrives. Once the boss is born, you don’t have to fight him – you can still retreat to camp and come back another day. You only need to enter the planning stage in the square before the camp, and you can return with all your resources.

You can only hold thirteen cards in your hand at once; Any additional cards you receive will send your oldest card into memory fragments. Ten parts of memory make up the book of memories.

The circles on top of each card indicate where it can be placed. The full spheres indicate that it can be placed on the road, half the balls means the side of the road, and the blank means in the open.

Battlefield Cards give you loot boxes that scale to the current ring level, so you must place them as close as possible in the ring.

The Loop Hero episode in which Grove is removed from a tile next to Blood Grove, and transformed into Hungry Grove

When placed next to each other, certain combinations of cards give extra perks, or modify terrain in some way. Forgetting cards remove laid cards, which can also lead to new combos. For example; Removing a village after placing a field tile next to it will turn it into an inflated field, which spawns Field of Blades enemies.

We recommend that you save the forget cards; It’s especially useful for removing Lich Palaces that spawn alongside the boss, weakening him – or simply for removing any tile that spawns monsters that are causing you trouble.

  1. Placing a meadow next to an unmeady lawn creates a flowering meadow, which gives extra health points daily.
  2. Placing a 3 × 3 grid of rocks or mountains creates a mountain peak, which increases health points and generates Harpies. This can only happen once per map.
  3. Surrounding the locker perfectly with other cards gives you a one-time bonus of bonus resources, but the quality depends on the number of episodes you complete, so wait a little while before completing this combo.

There are many other groups – discovering yourself is part of the fun.

Class Necromancer Ring Hero in combat alongside two summoned Skeletons


Loop Hero’s three classes are:

  • warrior: The warrior is the base class to start with. The damage they inflict increases as the battle continues, so focusing on building a tank hero with a high level of health and vampires is the way to go.
  • necromancer: Necromancers were opened with the cellar, And summon the skeletons to fight the battle on their behalf. Your hardware affects how strong these skeletons are, what types of skeletons seem to fight for you, and how much HP your septum shield has.
  • con man: Rogue is open with shelter. They don’t pick up loot from enemies – instead, they receive trophies, which they trade for loot after completing an episode. This means that they get better loot than the other classes. They are also able to use dual weapons, but cannot equip armor.

Loop Hero Building Roster, with many upgrades completed


First of all, you want to focus on gathering resources so that you can build and upgrade your base camp.

Once you build a file GymnasiumDuring an episode, you can unlock the ability to level up and select new attributes. The ability you’re offered is randomly picked from your class schedule, so it’s up to you to decide which one best suits that particular trip. This also unlocks Village Cards, which give you quests to receive more experience and loot.

Your upgrade Field kitchen To the the Dinner He will heal you before fighting your boss. The Smelter It gives you an Arsenal card, which gives you an extra gear slot. The Hut herbs The potions open, and Supply warehouse It allows you to make one random food item, or one random food.

The Loop Hero fights two rat wolves

Combat and equipment

Combat is automatic, so you’ll mostly sit back and watch it unfold – however, equipment can be changed in the middle of a fight if you choose. You have a stamina bar below your health bar when you fight; There is also a larger version of your health bar on the right, above your stock. After unlocking potions by building the Herbalist’s hut, there is a score in your health bar; When your health drops to this point, you’ll automatically drink a dose.

When defeated, enemies usually drop items. There are four rare types of items; Gray, Blue, Yellow, and Orange, each rarity level provides an additional stat boost – so the gray items have one stat boost, the blue has two, the yellow has three, and the orange four The percentage-based improvement measure will be much better than flat number aficionados. You can carry up to twelve pieces of equipment at one time; Any more than that will result in the oldest equipment (lower right) being converted into scrap metal.

Magic Damage ignore Defense, and Defense deals a limited amount of damage from each attack. Take care not to increase your attack speed too much when playing as thief or warrior; This is very important as a rogue. This is because if you run out of your stamina, you incur a heavy evasion penalty. At the start of each episode, focus on defense rather than attack. If you cut off enemies very quickly, then fewer monsters will be produced; You’d better take a longer time to progress through the loop.

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Right-click to enter planning mode while fighting so you have a second to plan after the fight ends, before your hero wanders into the next square.

These are all the Loop Hero tips we have for you. If you’ve forgotten everything already, go back to the top and read it again, as many times as you need.

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