Little Nightmares 2 has gone on to sell over a million copies

There have been some great horror games that have come out in the past two months or so, but one that definitely got a lot of attention was Little Nightmares 2.

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It was released last month to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Players cited the atmospheric tension, the compelling score, and creative puzzles explaining why they had fun as Mono – the main game hero who goes on an adventure with his companion Six to The Signal Tower in hopes of learning more about the buzz transmission that affects everything around him.

It’s a compelling journey and a great follow-up to the original Little nightmares. So it is not surprising that even though it was only launched for one month, Little Nightmares 2 It has already sold over a million copies. This is an impressive feat that any game developer would be fortunate to receive.

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Tarsier Studios has a lot to be proud of with this horror puzzle game that has the same atmosphere and fun to play as the original game. It’s not one of those games that will scare live daylight from you with fear of jumping left and right, although some moments are very disturbing.

Little Nightmares 2It’s more about capturing the aesthetics of a nightmare. Otherworldly creatures are constantly trying to stop your endeavors in this game and at times feel completely helpless.

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This is the same feeling people have on their own nightmares so the developer really hit this element totally. Also, some nightmares really don’t make sense. They take their own form and the same can be said with different aspects of this game.

Given how much positive reviews this game actually got in the short time it came out, we might get a trilogy. It would be amazing to see that as the developer can continue to push the boundaries in this ever-growing series.

Of course, they already have a great foundation to build on. The big characters in the background are extremely frightening as you try to work your way through the levels as a captivating hero. Mono is easy to get to and the fact that he gets help from the Six – who’s featured in A native – It is just a major feature.

The developer could follow up with another interesting character in the next installment, and maybe incorporate Mono and Six as playable characters in some abilities. Either way, Little Nightmares 2 Is the surprise that many absolutely love at the moment.

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