For Honor Season 1 kicks off Year 5 away with masquerades

Ubisoft officially launched the fifth year of Season 1 for For the honor, Along with the launch trailer featuring Horkos Masquerade. However, with all the different warriors of different factions enjoying celebrations on their own reigns, this does not mean that their hunger for combat has been in any way satiated. Fortunately, the Horkos Masquerade is the perfect place for warriors to quench their bloodshed and sword clash desires.

Year 5 Season 1 Asunder introduces a limited time game mode, Carousel of Horkos, for For the honor. The new 4v4 game mode will be available to players until April 1. If you need more reasons to join, know there is a free pass you can beat during the event. With 30 levels completed, there is a lot to do before completing the Horkos Masquerade and cleaning up the dust.

This is not all up For the honor Year Five Season One, of course. The launch trailer has a lot to highlight.

A new wave of fighting

There are more different shapes of armor, as well as weapons that you can acquire. Double emotions also appear, allowing you to show your Chemistry with your fellow players. All of this is available as part of the new Battle Pack.

Warden also received a reworking after player testing and feedback. Bash Bash should feel more equitable on the battlefield, and it will allow better flow in combat going forward. Warden’s Heavy Attacks are now more effective, plus Zone Attack will feel more advantageous when chasing opponents.

For Honor Season 5 kicks off Season 1 away with Masquerades (2)

exist Tons of bug fixes In the mix, too. Ubisoft is clearly working hard to improve the For the honor Experience with the fifth year of the first season of Asunder.

a Crossover with Knight shovel And the A wacky Halloween event Lately it’s led some crazy in For the honorBut the basis for the fighting and the bloodshed is still strong. Get ready to test your strength, as more in-game events will soon be revealed.

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