Todd Howard: “There was very little we didn’t fail” at Fallout 76

In a chat broadcast live between Xbox directors and Bethesda executives today about their new partnership, Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard has been outspoken about the case of Fallout 76 When it was introduced in 2018. Howard said: “When this game was launched, there were a bunch of issues that ran into us, and we took a lot of people into account, and there was very little that we honestly didn’t fail.” About the launch of the Troubled Multiplayer RPG.

Fallout 76 was riddled with technical issues and performed poorly at launch. It’s also missing a lot of what we loved about Bethesda’s Fallout games, like The non-playable characters that made the world feel like it lived. For Howard, though, avoiding a game of service faltering should be easier now that Bethesda is under the protective wings of the Xbox platform-size of the Xbox. Howard had hoped that the acquisition by Microsoft would help test Bethesda games better at launch, and that access to the Game Pass system would enable things like public betas more easily.

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