Best Building Genshin Impact Rosaria

Are you looking for the best Genshin Impact Rosaria builder? Next character coming in Genshin Impact 1.4 update She is a Cryo-based four-star character, who is a fairly solid DPS trader. Rosaria has been a part of Genshin Impact for a while as the NPC, but she will soon become a playable character.

So what exactly is her deal? Well, she is a member of the Vavonius Church in Mundstadt, the big city visited by the giant windmills at the start of the Genshin Impact. She also has an interesting definition of piety and seems somewhat selfish. She refuses to attend choir rehearsals on the grounds that she finds it boring.

But as a fighter, this pale nun has some great skills and is totally capable of handling all things that depend on Cryo. Jinshin effect element The damage you’ll need. We are confident that Rosaria will be a perfect fit for any team that needs more Cryo damage; To get the most out of her icy skills, here’s the Genshin Impact Rosaria build you should aim for.

Genshin Impact Rosaria release date

Rosaria joins the roster of characters in upcoming update 1.4, March 17th.

Best Building Genshin Impact Rosaria

If not recommended Dragon Spear SpearThere are alternatives, like Steady. This increases its attack power and also has a negative effect that deals 160% -320% additional normal attack damage every ten seconds. You can also go with Crescent Pike For more physical damage as each orb or particle you capture will boost normal attack damage charged by 20% each for five seconds.

Since Rosaria’s skills are based on critical hits, the four pieces Berserker The group is a great choice. She boosts her Critical Hit rate by 12% and an additional 24% when Health is below 70%. There is also a Gladiator finale That increases its ATK by 18% and its normal damage by 35% because it is a polearm user.

Genshin Impact Rosaria capabilities

Normal attack – the cult spear

Normal attack: Attacks up to five times using Polearm.
Charged attack: Charge to lash forward, and inflict damage on any enemies on the way. It consumes stamina.
Drowning attack: Rosaria dives to the ground, causing damage to the area of ​​impact upon impact. Enemies on the way will also be damaged.

Basic skill: destroy recognition

He changes position behind the target opponent, then stabs and pierces with his arm, dealing Cryo damage. It only works on enemies of the same size or smaller than Rosaria.

Elemental Explosion: The Ritual of Exit

Rosaria swings arm to chop up surrounding opponents, then summons an ice spear to strike the ground. Both attacks deal Cryo damage. While the Ice Spear is active, it periodically emits a burst of cold air to cause cooling damage to nearby enemies.

Constellations Rosaria

  • Unholy revelationRosaria: Got an attack speed of 10% and an increase in normal attack damage by 10% for four seconds after landing with a critical hit.
  • A land without promiseThe duration of the Ice Spear created by the Exit Rite is increased by four seconds.
  • The Mystery of Repentance: Increases the level of subverted recognition by three (to a maximum of 15).
  • Astonishing shameConfessing Critical Blows Smash Five renewed energy for Rosaria. This can only be run once per use of Ravaging Confession.
  • Intense stinging: Increases the rite of termination level by three (to a maximum of 15).
  • Divine retributionEnding Ritual Attack: reduces the physical resistance of enemies by 20% for ten seconds.

Rosaria’s negative talents

  • Night walkingMovement speed of party members increased by 10% at night (18: 00-6: 00). It doesn’t work in the Trounce or Spiral Abyss domains or domains, and it can’t be stacked with the same effects on other negative talents.
  • Grabbed confession: When Rosaria strikes an enemy from behind with Ravaging Confession, her Critical Strike rate increases by 12% for five seconds.
  • Samaritan shadow: Using an ending ritual increases the Critical Hit rate for all nearby party members except Rosaria by 15% the Rosaria Critical Hit rate for ten seconds. The Critical Hit Rate bonus earned in this way cannot exceed 15%.

And that’s all we have for the best Genshin Impact Rosaria builder. You may want to check our site Jinshin Impact new characters A guide highlighting the characters who are rumored to be joining the roster of anime games in the future. If you are in the arms market, we have it Genshin Impact Weapons The guide will help you get your new teammate ready, and if you are looking for designs for The best Jinshin effect charactersWe’ve got you covered – we’ve even got you covered The best building is the Tao Around.

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