Royale Pass Season 17 of PUBG Mobile ends on March 15th. How to get the Royale Pass Season 18 release date on March 17th

The end date for the Royale Pass for Season 17 of PUBG Mobile has been announced before that players will need to collect their pending rewards and complete their missions from the current season. The PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass ends on March 15th. Also read – PUBG Mobile owner Krafton is investing $ 22.4 million in the Indian esports company

Moreover, the next RP, which is PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royale Pass, will start on March 17th. The Elite Pass will be available for 600UC (unknown cash), while the Elite Pass Plus can be purchased at 1800UC, respectively. Also read – PUBG Mobile 1.3 update is now rolling out: New Hundred Rhythms, firearms, APK downloads

Once the PUBG Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass ends, it will lock for a few hours and users will not be able to claim rewards or complete missions during this period. PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royale Pass is expected to bring a special bonus called String Ensemble Outfit which will be available to players when they get 100 RP Points in the Royale Pass. Also read – PUBG: Pre-registrations for the new term on the Google Play Store surpassed 5 million within a week

Disclaimer: PUBG Mobile is banned in India under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act.

Here’s how to upgrade PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royale Pass:

Once the Royale Pass for PUBG Mobile Season 18 is released, open PUBG Mobile and click on the RP icon.

• Click the “Upgrade” button on the Royale Pass tab.

• Players can choose from two pay-to-upgrade variants.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 is part of Latest 1.3 global update It brings with it loads of features like new Hundred Rhythms Mode, Clowns Tricks, Karakin Map, new firearms, and more. Hundred Ryhtms Mode n PUBG Mobile 1.3 update brings three special skills including guardian badge, redeemable armband and voice arm bar.

PUBG Mobile 1.3 update can be downloaded via Google Play Store and Apple App Store for users around the world. Note, however, that the game is not available in India and there is no clarity on whether it will be re-launched in the country anytime soon.

The String Ensemble Headgear, which can be combined with the String Ensemble Outfit in the PUBG Mobile Season 18 Royal Pass, will also be available once players collect 100 RP in the Royale Pass.

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