NIS America will roll out the Caligula 2 effect to the West this fall

NIS America The release has been announced The effect of Caligula 2 In North America this fall. Not only will the game be launched digitally, it will also be launched physically with Limited edition items As it was announced.

The effect of Caligula 2 It is a sequel to the first game, but has a similar plot. A virtual doll named Regret has created a world of Redo, where people can be saved from regrets in the past. When people enter the world of Redo, they are imprisoned within the simulation.

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A fetish named “X” breaks into Redo and recovers one of the residents’ memories, A. High school student. They founded the “Coming Home Club,” a small resistance group fighting to return home. Together, they will fight against Regret and her enforcers, the Obbligato musicians.

The effect of Caligula 2 It was written by Tadashi Satomi, who was the screenplay, setting, and character writer for Persona and Persona 2: Innocent Sen and remodeled their PSP formations.

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The Caligula effect He was initially released by NIS America In March 2019 for PC, Play Station 4 and Nintendo Converts. The series was so popular that a moving mod was released a few months after the Japanese release.

The Caligula effect It is an RPG with turn-based combat. The game is set within a VR program called “Mobius”. Those who use the game try to escape from their real life inside a virtual high school for a compulsory three years.

After a while, the protagonist realizes that this is a game and creates a “Go Home Club” to leave the game. However, the group will soon be seen as traitors, and their escape into the real world will not be easy.

The effect of Caligula 2 The limited edition is the same but it comes with the base game in a box. The special edition is also accompanied by a hardback art book, “Regret and X Vocal Collection” 2-Disc Soundtrack, a digital download of the soundtrack with three additional limited-edition exclusive tracks, plus a Tatefushi Academy badge and student ID in the Collector’s Box.

The game will be released for the first time in Japan on June 24. The North American English Language Score will be released a few months later.

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The effect of Caligula 2 It will be launched on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this fall.

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