Capcom Warns of Resident Evil Village Fraudulent Emails

This story is as much a news story as it is a warning to all the wonderful readers out there. Earlier in the day, Capcom sent out an email regarding the fraud Resident Evil Village Emails are sent to the players. Specifically, the email asks people if they want to claim an “early access call” for the upcoming survival horror game.

Capcom was recorded stating that this Resident Evil Village The emails, which come from the email address “no-reply (at) capcom (dot) com,” are not official correspondence from Capcom. You advise those who receive these messages not to reply to them or download any files attached to the email. If you receive such a message, delete it immediately. As of now, the only thing I can play around with is Resident Evil Village It is a tech demo titled Maiden, exclusive to PlayStation 5.

The demo included no combat and was mostly designed to set the mood. It also displayed the main site of the game Dimitrisco Castle and its inhabitants. At least two of them, however. Capcom stated that there will eventually be some form of playable demo in the future for non-PS5 owners. There was no additional information about what this demo might look like, be it the same demo of Maiden or something else entirely.

Resident Evil Village emails

Keep your information as safe as red weed

This information also comes shortly after the Ransomware attack It was launched on Capcom again in November of last year. The attackers, known as Ragnar Locker, seized sensitive company information for ransom. The leak also caused a lot of information to be published about the upcoming Capcom titles as well. This includes information on Resident Evil VillageAnd the Monster Hunter Rise, And what might become the next Street Fighter.

Initially, Capcom stated that the attack affected fewer people than initially feared. Soon after, Capcom stated that these numbers were much greater than originally thought. It is important to note that this information mostly affects Capcom’s business partners, along with current and former employees.

Player information is widely believed to be secure. All sales data and transactions are handled by an external company. As always, be careful about the information you have and who you give it to. Resident Evil Village It will be legitimately available for everyone to play on May 7 this year, and is available at Computer through Steam.

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