Marvel’s Avengers campaign could finally restart this month

Marvel’s AvengersThe story is without a doubt one of its best features. The story of Kamala Khan, also known as Mrs. Marvel, as she joins the Earth’s strongest heroes and helps stop the threat posed by AIM has been very interesting, especially for Kamala fans. However, there was no way to experience the game’s campaign a second (or third) time after its initial completion. Sure, you can go back to the sandboxes and smash everything into bits, but sometimes you just want to watch AAA clips and do quick events. Coinciding with the release of the game on consoles of the current generation, fans will finally be able to re-experience the entire story once the March 18 update is available.

But don’t take our word for it too seriously. Andy Wong, Community Manager at Marvel’s AvengersHe had a lot to say during The latest live broadcast About the long-awaited feature.

This is something we’ve seen over and over again on Twitter and social sites and everything: “Can we restart the campaign? Can we re-campaign? Wong said. “You’ll keep everything you’ve got. You can keep XP, your equipment, and everything, but you can restart the campaign from start to finish. That’s something we’re really excited about.”

On HARM Road

Marvel The Avengers 1.5 update adds more, too. Players will now be able to customize the battles in their HARM Room, the Avengers 3D combat training interface where the game defines its own challenging missions. This change will allow players to set their own challenges including the types and numbers of enemies they will face, as well as the many dangers they will need to monitor.

Both that and an option to replay the campaign will join the all-new Hawkeye champ and their operation. This is not to be confused with the previous The character Hawkeye delivered the game before. Why Crystal Dynamics decided to give us two Hawkeyes in a row I will never understand. But I am not Pay To think.

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