Fortnite Season 6 will wrap up Agent Jones’s mission with a solo event

For the first time in Fortnite, the next big season event will be a single-player experience, rather than one of the multiplayer parties that are now setting the start of a new season. Advertise.

The event, dubbed “Zero Crisis Finale”, will take place when Season 6 begins on March 16th. All players will be able to play a single-player mission featuring Agent Jones, who you may remember is the one who brought Fortnite Island into chaos. It’s currently in the detour between dimensions to collect the best “hunters” to clean things up.

This is actually an interesting variation from the norm. Past seasons have always focused on letting players watch or even participate in massive one-off events, like the Season 1 rocket launch of Season 4 that started it all, or the Universe Shutdown event that led to Chapter 2 (after Fortnite was shut down for an entire day). The fact that this new event also ends the story of one character, rather than a gigantic plot ending in the world, is also completely different, but I imagine that Jonesy will deal with a lot of inconveniences for things to come.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic is keeping details of this final assignment for Jonesy for now, but says it will share more in the near future. What we do know is that there is no set time when you should play the mission, which means more people can see things unfold with their eyes instead of catching up on YouTube. The mission will start automatically upon first logging into Season 6.

The only teaser we have so far is the image of Zero Point (the gigantic portal that drops all kinds of characters in Fortnite) that is starting to crack. Jonesy has started Season 5 with a mandate to fix the rift and keep reality from ripping apart, so expect this new event to follow it all.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you can’t play Zero Crisis Finale on your own or you just want to watch it before it spoils you, Epic says it will share details of how to “watch the world premiere with everyone” soon. Epic also says this Jonesy event will begin with the “most ambitious cinematic story yet.”

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